To My Beloved of Another Time~Another Age~

This was originally written as a “Wedding Blessing” to a charming and talented young couple on 10/10/04.

As I rediscover this blessing, which  was written , almost 10 years ago, I recognise within it, my own blessing for my beloved of another age, an age which is forthcoming, a time of peace, of happiness, and of true love.

The original Wedding Blessing has been almost totally revised and has emerged as something incredibly lovely.

The last 8 words remain the same in both blessings and parts of the original are contained in this new version.


Blessings for “US”

This is my  wish for you my darling, for our life together, for our wedded bliss, for the “us” to come.

The “us” which has already been, and which will be once again and again, eternally.

I wish you mornings washed in sunlight, warmed by our voices speaking of eternity.

I wish for us a marriage of pristine union, ease, grace, and of universes happily coalescing.

I wish for us the joy of the pilgrimage that has brought us the reward of the Promised Land over and over again.

I wish you the thrill of Gratitude, overflowing everywhere, nourishing and awakening all of life.

I wish you the compassionate embrace of all pasts, presents, and futures.

I wish you Love’s Dominion bonded to the Soul of God,  in total  completeness that you may know at once the reverence of  joy and the victory of breaking new ground into the Holy Age.

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