I heard music coming through the night out of nowhere~

A note from the soul on  a night of extreme inspiration and knowingness coming to the surface.

(Found in a journal from August 28, 2009…an auspicious ending to an auspicious day )

 Poetic Pieces of Eternity,

Speaking of Longing

“I heard music coming through the night from nowhere,

poetic fragments of eternity speaking of longing.

YOU are here, so am I.

You are Listening

Your Readiness is honed for awakening, clearing.

Guidance for destiny.

A sweet summer song of solace is heard.

From the known to the unknown,

Traveling in and out of spaces to the time before this time.

Today (In the fall of 2014)

I would call it “spinning the cycle of self-realization”.

 Back then the words were:

crystalline star structure resonance  magnified,

Traveling through the star system in a chamber nautilus of surprise.

   I called  upon a powerful mountain of love to calm this soul and give it enough nectar

to become free from  all discomfort from lagging behind the times.

 Sweet saving Light of the Supreme, may you shine upon the heart of all souls.

Saturday, August 21, 2009

Another day, another way to come home to the Self.

 Powerful Silence comes in as I reconnect to the Highest on High where we all meet in Love,

 with the One who gives all.

  Yes, connecting to the Source,

the Ocean of Love~

nothing in between,


The door has been flung wide open,

by love and appreciation.

And  love reigns in my heart,

 solid, focused, gentle knowing,

carefully nestled in the unfurling of my crown.

Accept all just as it is and love it into Being,

Accept all just as it is and love it into Being.

 Acceptance, humility, honor

Accept and know

Accept and grow

Accept and flow

Accept and go wherever, whenever

And burn up all that is dross, easily and quickly.

Blessed Be in Acceptance of all Souls and all Paths to the ONE.

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