A Message to Myself and the World



As I sit here thinking of you, the reader,  I recognize that it has taken years of churning my own dilemmas to get to this point of knowing , beyond the twin shadows of doubt and delusion, that I truly have something to say that’s worth the time it takes to write and the time it takes you to read it.

For many a year, the internal dialogue was: sure I can write, but what is worth writing about???  That hurdle was bridged as I witnessed the sheer joy that clarity brings when I’ve shared with others.

The second hurdle was: WHO will LISTEN from the INSIDE???

Seven years ago, I heard the answer, from the inside!

“Many will listen.  Multitudes will hear, resonate, and find their own goodness and spiritual power through your courage and vulnerability . Souls with their own unspoken messages banging on the door of their…

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