Socrates’ Only Prayer

Consider yourself a Soul and Remember the One, who is the Source of All Light and Love.


Back in the day, someone asked Socrates where he would like to go. Socrates replied that he didn’t know for sure if there was a heaven or a hell and so he couldn’t  choose between them.

What he reflected upon was this, stating that it was his only prayer: “Allow me to be alert wherever I am; for then whether I am in heaven or hell, it would be irrelevant; for when I am fully alert, hell disappears”.

Hell is the state of not being aware.

Hence, if one is fully aware, heaven appears.

Heaven is the state of being fully aware.

Such is the power of the mind, of thoughts, of inner states of being. A simple story with great implication.

May you always stay alert and ready to be in heaven. Keep the switch of awareness on.

Be where you want to be, by choosing carefully to stay…

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