While Doing Nothing, Attain Everything

This post today is a borrowed post from a wonderful, sweet friend and teacher, Michael Macintosh.  The ‘reminders’ are from one of his books called: Do Nothing Attain Everything available on Kindle.

My heart is moved to share pieces of this book that are a tribute to all souls, including the Supreme Soul.  They have the power to guide you into communion with Yourself and the One both who are beyond this dimension.

The first quote is:

“Because they are direct experiences of non-linear, non-physical states of being and they do not follow normal logical left brain structures, they are not written for satisfying your mind.  They are for YOU, the soul to relax into.  They are pointers towards something that exists forever.  You may find it helpful to see these passages as meditations to reflect on.  As gentle reflections on deeper things that exist behind and beyond the mind.

Allow your Self to emerge. You are what you seek.  Only you can awaken your Self and the more you let go, relax and stop trying, the faster it will occur.

Enjoy these words on That which exists beyond words and beyond the mind.” 


My wish is that you may  journey into the heart and mind of The One, the Ocean of Peace, the Ocean of Love through meditating upon these excerpts. Here is another:

Beyond all that is experienced I am sweetness expressed in a smile.                      I am smile contained in sweetness.                                                                              

I am lifted out from both thoughts and opinions.                                                         I am with no need to be right or prove a point.              I am.                                   Untainted by all experience of the body, heart, and mind, I am.

Without understanding and comprehension of I, I am.  Amidst the greatest pleasure and endless pain, I am.

Never cut, nor burned, nor dried out, nor drowned, I am.

Eternal peace, love, bliss, power, and purity, I am forever….


And another luscious piece of consciousness for your contemplation:

Relax back into the constant backdrop of the soul, the infinite divine light and naturally experience more happiness, freedom, grace, and love regardless of what circumstances may or may not be occurring in the drama of life.  

No matter what details emerge, the spiritual work is to disassociate the sense of “I”, “me”, “self”, “my” with anything in the manifest domain.

The closer we are to this, the more grace constantly fills our experience of life.

Allowing and surrendering to the Source gives us an experience of infinite divine love that can only attract to itself the same as it is.

Upgrade your level of consciousness beyond the pull of the ego and let the grace of God take care of everything in Divine Perfection….Attain everything, remember, you’ve already attained it all                          


And the last reminder of this little post~from Michael’s deep study and contemplation:

Behind your mind, below the emotional waves, under your heavy heart and self-centered burdens, you’ll find silence, bliss, an ever present peace.

Breathe in, Breathe out, Time lets go. And you fly away. Hold on to nothing.”



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