Notes from my mind, fifteen years later~ Still Relevant, Real, Reasonable!!!

reblogging this a year later~new title, same notes from the Spring of 2007~
I like my mind~


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Enthusiasm is what it takes to get out of bed.  This is the message I awoke with…Saw a reddish pillar in the sky which was a rainbow…one side of it.  Beautiful, popping through the misted sky and mountain.  Enthusiasm is also what it takes to assist someone with Divine Light~!

In last night’s dream I was going on a journey, alone.  I woke up with the word: Enthusiasm-that’s what it takes to accomplish whatever it is you wish to accomplish.

Tuesday, March 27,2007

Impermanence is the nature of life to assist us in not being so attached to whatever it is.  It also teaches us to build our treasure in heaven not in this world…That is why helping others is so valuable, a worthy use of your time and energy.

Moments of inspiration about the essence of life come in from many places…synthesized…planting the seeds of…

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