Golden Words


“What is the speciality of the life of one who has faith…and who remains in spiritual intoxication?


Firstly, that soul will have a feeling of being an instrument (for the One above) in every activity of his life, to which extent he has this elevated intoxication. Because of the speciality of the awareness of being an instrument, the soul will have a humble intellect.


What would be the language of a soul who has faith?


Sweetness in the language would be a common thing, but it will also have generosity. Generosity means the generosity of enabling all souls to progress. That soul will say, “First you”, and will not constantly say “I, I”. Generosity means to keep others ahead. He would say, “you are cleverer than I”. This is the language of generosity. Whenever there is generosity, and no desire to keep the self in front, than that soul automatically achieves whatever fruit the heart desires.

The extent to which a soul remains stable in the consciousness of being free from even the slightest trace of desire, to that extent, the soul is considered to be good, to be worthy, and will be kept in front.

Therefore the soul who says, “First you”, from the heart does not get left behind, he is automatically put first by others. This is not possible for one who has desires.

And so the language of a soul who has faith…will always be of generosity.

It will be the language of contentment, and the language of bringing benefit to everyone.”



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