Golden words of the Father:

May you constantly have a pure and positive attiutde for yourself and for others and bring the time of revelation close.  The basis of success in service is your pure and positive attitude because it is your attitude that will increase souls’ power to imbibe and the desire to know….A soul who constantly has pure and positive thoughts for the self is always ‘Maya-proof’ (i.e. free from  the 5 vices of all present humans= anger, greed, lust ego, attachment) and is also safe from taking on the weaknesses of others…”  

We are all souls, incorporeal beings of light, having an incarnation in a body,  at the end of the cycle.  Make the most of it to develop the type of soul you wish to become at the beginning of the cycle which is just around the bend! The beginning of the cycle will be fresh, beautiful, and harmonious.

Time is of the essence and the Father cautions us,  that most of us still identify heavily with being a body, being limited, and being burdened in some way!

The Benevolent Incorporeal One who will guide us all back Home says:

” It is with great difficulty that body consciousness breaks.  Body consciousness is the primary cause for fear of death…Knowing that the soul is eternal and immortal eases this fear allowing us to lighten up!!!”

“Only when you consider yourself to be bodiless can there be love for the Father.  Otherwise the intellect is caught up with the karmic accounts of the body.

Make time to be bodiless with God many times during the day and night.”

 “Grind this into yourself: I am a bodiless, imperishable soul, sitting and listening to the Father.”

Becoming bodiless is best achieved through a switch in awareness from your limited corporeal form to your unlimited incorporeal form.

This does take the inner preparation and concentration of turning your attention inward, letting the everyday thoughts leave the mind.  Once this stage of detachment is achieved, you will begin to feel your inner state of peace and freedom return.

Some thoughts that can help with this are:

Observe your body and the “role” you play in life as if from the moon, or better yet from another galaxy! Reflect upon how temporary and changing everything in the physical realm is.

Visualize your mind filling up with light and becoming very still. This is the first step.

Next, choose a theme for your meditation based on spiritual knowledge and truth. For example,  we all have another form in the shape of a point of light, the shining diamond that resides in the center of the forehead.  This shining diamond or star is who you are;  a subtle and beautiful light, a guest in this world.  Of course, it is important to have conviction about the theme you choose, otherwise it will be difficult to concentrate on it and concentration is the next step we must take.

By concentrating on the center of your forehead, you may begin to feel a movement of energy here in the seat of the soul.  Think of the body, as a costume which the soul can put on and take off, at will!  Concentration means to only keep thoughts, feelings, and images in the mind that are connected to the chosen theme.

Aim to have 100% concentration for three minutes.  Keep other images and thoughts out of the mind, during those three minutes.  Visualization can greatly assist your power of concentration.  Instead of trying to stop the natural function of the mind, which is to create and generate thoughts, you, the soul are guiding the mind to contemplate upon powerful points of spiritual knowledge and awareness.

Here is an example of the kind of thoughts to guide your visualization on the theme of the soul:

I, the soul, am sitting behind the forehead.  I am an unlimited being of light, a shining star, a guest in this world who needs nothing of this world.  I am here to spread peace and light.

The deeper your concentration, the more impactful will be your experience of the Self.  At the end of this three minutes, consciously become aware of the feelings that emerge from concentrating on the Self in this way.  You may be experiencing a sense of lightness and peace, a wonderful calmness in your being, or even a deep contentment.

Stay with these feelings, enjoying the peace of your inner world.  From here, you can move into observing the experience in greater detail, capturing even more feelings, helping you to refine your experience. You may become aware that upon closer observation that you are experiencing a sense of timelessness or a deeper sense of security.

Acknowledge whatever thoughts and feelings have emerged thus far and surrender to the experience. Immerse the mind completely in the experience and let go of any trace of resistance or doubt.   At this point, your meditation will have become a full-blown continuous experience, which you can choose to extend or to complete.

You may wish to note any new discoveries, insights, intuitions, images, or experiences in a journal, kept for this purpose.  As you prepare to bring this meditation to a close, have the aim to stay in touch with your elevated thoughts and feelings and not to allow mundane thoughts to take over your consciousness.

With the power of determined thought, you can even fly out of the body and connect with the Supreme Soul in the sweet Home (also called Nirvana in many traditions),  Nirvana means the place of ‘no sound’.  It is far beyond the earth and its worldly domain of the 5 elements and the 6 senses.  As you make this a practice, you can become a Master of the Self, able to go beyond the body and all matter with one thought~ This does takes concentration.

After consistent practice, you, the soul, can reach the Soul World (Nirvana- home to all souls) and the Supreme Soul in a second, with one powerful and concentrated thought!

When storms come your way,  remember that you are a being of light connected to the Supreme Light,  and you can pass through these storms unscathed.  You will begin to see them as entertainment, part of the drama, “test papers” that have come to make you stronger, rather than to defeat you!

Many blessings to you as you practice becoming bodiless, master of the Self, connected to the Highest on High.

It is worth your time and effort, as a matter of truth, it is a tremendous use of your time, for as we get closer and closer to the end of this cycle, knowing the way home is vital.   Be prepared, be ever-ready, don’t get distracted.

There is a great reward for those who master themselves by aligning with our Spiritual Home and the Spiritual Parent who resides there.Featured Image -- 421

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