“Whoever you are, Whatever you are, You are Mine”

Proof of the Divine Beloved’s unconditional love for the souls of the world can be heard in the following words:  “whoever you are, whatever you are, you are Mine.”

“Godly love is the magnet which is able to transform even an impure soul. …Godly love is the love of the heart. Worldly love breaks the heart into many different pieces because it has to be distributed; there has to be the responsibility of fulfilling love with innumerable souls.

Spiritual love is that which brings together all the broken pieces of the heart and links them to one.

If there is love for the one Father, then automatically the soul becomes co-operative with all because God is the seed.  By giving water to a seed every leaf automatically receives water and then there is no need to give water to each leaf individually.

To be linked in love with the spiritual Father means to have love for all, and this is why the heart isn’t broken into pieces any more.  It is love that makes every task easy and liberates the soul.”

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