Golden words of the Father:

“May you constantly have a pure and positive attiutde attitude for yourself and for others and bring the time of revelation close.  The basis of success in service is your pure and positive attitude because it is your attitude that will increase souls’ power to imbibe and desire to know….A soul who constantly has pure and positive thoughts for the self is always ‘Maya-proof’ (i.e. proof against the 5 vices of present humans= anger, greed, lust ego, attachment) and is also proof( safe) from taking on the weaknesses of others…”  We are all souls, incorporeal beings of light, having an incarnation in a body, our last lifetime, at the end of the cycle.  Make the most of it to develop the type of soul you wish to become at the beginning of the cycle which is just around the bend!  Time is of the essence…

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