What is Meant by Spiritual Power?

These words come from a very beloved soul, former leader of the Brahma Kumaris who is affetionately and respectfully called Dadi Prakashmani.

When asked “What is meant by spiritual power?” She replied: Spiritual power means:

the Power of Peace,

the Power of Love,

the Power of Wisdom,

the Power of Bliss,

the Power of Judgement,

the Power to Accomodate,

the Power to Tolerate, and

the Power to be able to Face any situation.

The Supreme Being is the Almighty Authority, full of all these powers.  Through our connection with this One, we are able to receive these powers as a gift, as a blessing.  My experience has been that with these powers from the Supreme, things whichappear to be problems are blessings in disguise just as while the ocean has waves on the surface, deep within the ocean there is stillness, there is silence.

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