Creating with Soul Power

Doing what you do "with love" is the only way to accumulate sprititual power and merit.  If you are moving from guilt, obligation, or force, you will not receive the results you are seeking. As you choose to build up the spiritual aspect of your nature~do it with Love.  The love of knowing that everyday [...]

What is Meant by Spiritual Power?

These words come from a very beloved soul, former leader of the Brahma Kumaris who is affetionately and respectfully called Dadi Prakashmani. When asked "What is meant by spiritual power?" She replied: Spiritual power means: the Power of Peace, the Power of Love, the Power of Wisdom, the Power of Bliss, the Power of Judgement, [...]

Listen From the Inside

 Sitting here thinking of you, the reader,  I realize how it has taken years of pondering issues, problems, and dilemmas to get to a point of knowing. This kind of knowing goes far beyond the twin shadows of doubt and delusion. For so long, I wondered if I  had something to say worth the time [...]