Turn to the Light and Know You Are Light

Take time to meditate on the heart of who you are, not on the part of you that has been conditioned since the time of your birth into your present body.  Conditioning by parents, society, education, and even your friends is the invisible barrier that keeps you from knowing You, the Soul.

As more and more souls awaken to our true nature, right action will follow as naturally as night follows day.

Have faith that you are a soul and begin to experience the peace and love that belong to your true nature.

Whenever you or another soul acts without the awareness of peace or love, find mercy within your heart, keep good cheer, and know this movememt comes out of ignorance, inner pain, or fear.

The way out is the way in; for within every soul lies true love and true law.  It may be dormant or unmanifest in its fullness.

To access the treasure, turn your attention inward, take time to be alone with the Ocean of Love and Peace, Your Original Mother and Father, and come to know the treasure that is freely given, when you the soul, turn to the Light and know you are Light.

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