A Meditation by Anthony Strano

Being at Peace Meditation 

pink and blue sunGo ahead and click on the title: Being at Peace to hear a wonderful meditation.  To Your Peace!

One thought on “A Meditation by Anthony Strano

  1. This is such a beautiful meditation. Anthony what a wonderful gentle soul. His soothing peaceful voice pulls you into a complete sanctuary of safety. Pulls you into your inner self where, you are naturally peaceful. Your inner core of safety. I didn’t use the Beautiful visuals provided for the meditation. But watching it first time round appreciated the beautiful pictures that go with the meditation Anthony guides you through. Instant calm was felt breathing through this. Hugely enlightening and awakening to bringing yourself to utter Peace and Bliss. To be with The Divine. Highly recommend anyone who struggles to completely switch off at times, to keep this as an emergency instant calming meditation to reach out to. Really beautiful. Thank you beautiful Sister for sending me this. You are a beautiful Jewel 💎 Sister Shivalaya. Om shanti 💕🧘‍♀️💎😇💕

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