There’s Benefit in Everything

Child Soul Meditating

I’ve been in India for almost 3 weeks having powerful meditations and connections with my Self and the Divine, as well as meeting amazing people from all over the planet!  The whole time I’ve been here, the body has been in a vulnerable state.  I, the soul, have decided to take charge again and again commanding health, well-being, and balance.  It is beginning to materialize.  Somehow, it has been easy to over-do here, even though each day is spent in hours of deep meditation and reflection.

Paying close attention to the rhythm of each day and each night has helped to create balance.  Being alone and connecting with new “old” friends is another dance of balance.  Reading, writing, sitting in the sun, finding the perfect mementos for folks back home all fill the days of a perfect retreat.

What is the backdrop to all of this, that makes coming all the way to India to do what, seemingly, one could do anywhere so powerful?

The backdrop is that one is nurtured in a very sacred high vibrational  energy field  where heavy meditation has been carried on since the 50’s  by fully surrendered yogis making it easy for others to rise to a state of lightness, bodilessness, and connect in a profound way with the Highest on High.

There is great value in this for the soul.

Pilgrimage of November 2015/Dadi Janki’s 100th Birthday CelebrationOn my way~~~~~~~~

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