Spinning the Right Thoughts



I want Peace

Who are you?  What vision do you have of yourself?  What recurring thoughts do you generate?  Are the feelings you create the sum total of who you are?

Using the power of imagination and creative thought to visualize and bring into being the unmanifest world of potential within yourself  is to work on the main thing you have control over~~~yourself!

The dialogue you have with yourself is the most important thing you have on this journey.  It ultimately determines your happiness and satisfaction levels as you interact in this world.

Watch your thoughts as you perform small tasks today.  Since we are all originally pure, elevated, happy, and spiritually powerful beings,  check to see if what you are thinking,on a regular basis is taking you into alignment with your original state.   Or do your thoughts bring you down into an uncomfortable, but familiar state? If so, develop the inner power to stop, reflect for a moment, and change the conversation in your head.

Refocus and have the determination to not feed yourself thoughts which bring you down, which compare yourself as better or worse than someone else or which create inner feelings of unworthiness or dislike towards the self or others.

To win this inner battle requires “letting go”.

Letting go is a beautiful state of mind to nurture and can bring you into freedom.

As you choose to look at yourself with self-respect, your cage door which was never really locked, will magically swing open.   This process does not have to be laborious!  As a matter of fact, it can be one in which you continue to become lighter and lighter, the more you are willing to let go of!

The more you are willing to open to change the better things will get for you!

This is a transistional time and in many ways, a fast-moving one.  Everyday in the scenes of life, change is swiftly appearing.  You have the opportunity to choose to play your part by creating beauty in your inner world and by making your home a place of peace.  Yes, that’s where it all begins.

Create a home that has a pure vibration.  In order to do this, begin at the level of thought.  Check the thoughts you are having and sending into the atmosphere of your home environment, into your food as you prepare it, and into those who share the space with you.

Begin by talking to yourself sweetly.  Talk to you, the soul, not you, the ego. This isn’t about creating a stronger sense of ego.  Drop the ego, just as you drop your shoes at the door of your dwelling.

Ask yourself…who am I?  (I am a soul, a guest in this world.)  Where did I come from?  (true answer: I came from a world of light, the home of all souls).  Why have I incarnated?  (I have entered this body in order to…) One answer, if you are willing to accept it, is that I have entered this body in order to bring light back to this world and to establish a heavenly world of happiness for all.

Your “sweet talk” will depend on your values.  What do you value?   What 2 values if lived by everyone on the planet right now, would bring about the most beneficial and significant changes?

Write your responses down; for here is a key to what is truly important to you.

At the end of the day, take account of the moments when you were really living from these two cherished values.  How did you feel?  What transpired around you?  How did others respond?  Now note the times that you slacked off and forgive yourself with the determination to be more aware of being in alignment with your truth tomorrow.

Of utmost importance is the willingness to see yourself and others clearly, in your original and pure state.  See the innocent two year old in all who you meet. Can you really see others as unlimited souls, not as limited bodies of flesh and bone?  This is the high bar you can set for yourself for it will change the quality of your life immensely!

Seeing and understanding the great loss you’ve caused to yourself and others by not keeping your vision clear might help you gather up the determination to begin seeing with “new eyes”. Don’t compromise yourself, don’t be slack when it comes to this!

Begin to identify the mistakes you’ve been making which have taken you away from your own divinity!

To make this value firm and to keep yourself accountable to it, you may even be willing to create a system to give up something that you really enjoy doing/eating/having when your focus slips.   This is especially effective when due to seeing a person as a body, you have given them some grief or difficulty or have taken grief or difficulty from them.  Either way doesn’t work in this stage of your development.   This is the moment to decide that in order to uproot this old, deep pattern of relating to souls as bodies, today I will forego enjoying …? or that relaxing cup of tea.  Use whatever leverage will help you think twice about doing the same thing tomorrow. Accountability is a great tool.  Having an accountability partner is also very useful.

Decide how to wean yourself from the old way of “seeing” to the new way of seeing.  You may make the agreement with yourself that if I can stay clear 80% of the time, tomorrow, I will allow myself to enjoy that cup of tea or that second piece of chocolate.  Work with yourself.  Set yourself doable goals.

Be sure to reward yourself when you’ve had a stretch of many hours or days of seeing others and yourself as you truly are, no matter what.  Some souls give you happiness, for the others you can choose to be merciful.  See them as under ‘an influence’ that is preventing their true nature from coming through.

When you have the strong spiritual aim to only give happiness and receive happiness, you will become willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this.

You will then become a blessing to everyone and yourself through your every thought, word, and deed.  You will become an elevated soul, a master almighty authority, and be amply rewarded by enjoying the coming age of peace and happiness upon the earth.  By staying in soul consciousness, you will receive great help, without asking,  from the Benevolent One.  The more you remember that, the more you will receive this Divine Energy that guides you along the path to your own divinity with grace and ease.

When obstacles arise, in the form of a negative thought or feeling about yourself or someone else, gently and firmly remind yourself:  I am a peaceful, loveful soul; this is my true nature.  They too are originally a peaceful,loveful soul.  Trust that they really are doing the best they can, right now.  By maintaining this vision, you are creating an opening for yourself and the other to move forward in a new way.

Look at your own conditioned responses honestly;  then remember your goal -keep it simple- don’t give sorrow to others and don’t take sorrow either.

As you affirm that you truly are a peaceful soul again and again and take action in your life not to let old patterns have their way; those conditioned patterns of response will melt away, for they do not belong to the true self.

You will become one who understands your own value and you will radiate a unique sparkle into the world!  Your presence will inspire others to be free from the constraints of ego.

Consistency is important.  Inconsistency breeds doubt in the self.  As you move along with the aim to restore your divinity, you will feel the pull of your original nature.  You will enjoy becoming a bestower of happiness.  This will become your anchor.

Know that efforts now, bring reward in the present and in your future world.   As you spread happiness and good wishes to others now, you are serving as an instrument to bring about a world of peace and love.

As you become the master of yourself today, this mastery becomes yours eternally.   As you attain self-sovereignty, you become worthy of a high status in your future lives.

It all comes down to spinning the right thoughts…I am a pure soul… my divine birthright is to be peaceful, happy, and powerful…   I value myself… I can respect others easily…Keep telling yourself these sweet truths and you will remain stable in your true self, a being of love and bliss.



















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