Is Happiness an Emotion or an Innate Attribute of Your Soul?

Aristotle left happiness out of his writing about emotions?  Do you know why?  He concluded that happiness isn't an emotion, but the result of living a life based on virtue. When we live our life according to what we value, happiness automatically follows!  As Sonja Lyubomirsky suggests in her book on happiness, there are 12 "values" [...]

There’s Almost Nothing Better You Can Do For Your Body than…

Good Things for the body~


3_soulshine_acc_landingphotoYes, bathing in rose petals is wonderful!  However, according to Anthony William, the highly acclaimed “medical medium”, who is often called the Edgar Cayce  of the 21st Century, there’s almost nothing better you can do for the health of your body than to get rid of its heavy metals.

He also says that  the best way to remove heavy metals is to eat the following 5 foods every day for these foods have a synergistic action when they are eaten within 24 hours of each other.

The 5 foods are:

  • barley grass juice extract powder: this draws out heavy metals from your spleen, intestinal tract, pancreas, and reproductive system.  barley grass juice extract powder prepares the mercury for complete absorption by the spirulina.  Drink 1 to 2 teaspoons mixed into water or juice.
  • Spirulina (preferably from Hawaii): draws out heavy metals from your brain, central nervous system, and liver and…

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There’s Almost Nothing Better You Can Do For Your Body than…

Yes, bathing in rose petals is wonderful! According to Anthony William, the highly acclaimed author of the "Medical Medium", often called the Edgar Cayce  of the 21st Century, there's almost nothing better you can do for your health than to get rid of  heavy metals. He also says that  the best way to remove heavy [...]

Values~What do you value most?

Read about the LIVING VALUES WAVE coming to Kauai~


EXCLUSIVE:  Jake and Maggies Gyllenhaal Attend Fathers Wedding in Hawaii!!

The Call for Values~People around the world are increasingly being affected by scenes of violence which seem to stem from a core lack of respect and care for the self and others.

As a parent and educator, I see other parents and educators, as well as children reaching out for help to turn this alarming trend around.  I have always seen that an emphasis on “teaching values” is a big part of the solution to establish inner equilibrium for the individual to allow them to have a stabilizing effect on their family and community.

Living Values is an Educational Program that has been produced in response to this call for values.  It is a program that was created by teachers for other teachers and parents in 1995.  It has an amazing track record in transforming the climate of the families and schools that have implemented its practical methods and experiential…

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Recognize the Gifts Within

Learn to be alone and like itAnother New Title, Another New Day~~~


ROSES of Kauai

I’ve been gifted with the deep and subtle truth of who I am, who I have been, and who I will become…vast!

I have been gifted with the awareness of time, and with that the play of events occurring in each life is always beneficially designed for our awakening.  I call this unfolding drama, my “mama” and I accept  Her Wisdom.

I know myself.  I can be alone, for I’m not alone.  I am filled with the lovliness of true recognition of the interconnectedness of all souls.  I can touch the world with my mind, streaming pure and happy thoughts for all creation.

I am calm in the midst of upheaveal, switching from the cacophony of souls crying out ~ to the purity of peace, allowing it to fill our world to overflowing~ touching all.

My Father holds my hand, moving me along in the direction of Happiness.  Trust the…

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Kauai Rocks!

Rock On~~~To an Ancient Tune~~~That Will Touch the Soul


Anahola Praying MaidenShe Rocks my Soul!

I am filled  with her green lusciousness.

Sand on back and between toes,

Caressed by a misty saltiness,

Kauai beckons me to say:

“Come into my world ,

Bring your childhood strain,

your businessman’s pain,

your motherhood’s drain.

All slip away by the sea, by the sea.

By the sea, I live,

by the sea.”

On the shores of Kauai,

I’ve come to know an oasis of

inner wonder and beauty

that ever calls out to me.

As I watch shades of golden red light caress the tenderest of skies,

my thoughts travel back to love

at the end of the day.

A canopy of peace prevails and soothes the soul into a

quiet, dreamless sleep under an awning of moon and stars.

Mama Kauai will rock you to the rhythm of her song,

a tune so ancient,  it will reach the  innermost depths of who…

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Remember the expression “Get Real”~nowadays its all about Being Authentic!

Getting Real, Being Authentic~whatever you call it is Essential to Being Who You Truly Are and Being True to Yourself


photo 2photo 1This past Sunday afternoon and evening was memorable for many reasons!  It was a stunning day here on Kauai, yet I spent most of the day fine tuning the Treehouse Sanctuary for giving a wonderfully energetic session of healing to a vacationer from Canada who was having her “trip of a life-time” right here on Kauai!  No surprise, eh!!!

I also spent a wonderful 2 hours with an advanced student of life, meditating and sharing the secrets of the three worlds, the beginning, middle, and end of time, and enjoying the freedom that knowing brings to the soul!  At 6 o’clock pm, I heard footsteps climbing up the sixteen steps that bring souls up to the lanai of the “Treehouse Sanctuary” which I also call “home”.  Surprise, but not really when a family of three souls entered to join us in evening (sunset) meditation…mother, father, and six-year old, fresh from…

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