Foods that Knock Mold Out of Your Body

Featured Image -- 6099This is essential knowledge about removing mold from our lungs, lymphatic system, and tissues with food for those of us who are weathering the after effects of the record-breaking Buffalo Storm we all experienced on Kauai. This list of wonderful food allies to clear our bodies from suspected mold contamination comes from the Medical Medium, Anthony William, whom I hold in the highest regard.

Here’s the list:

Eating apples, skin and all, will kill mold in the body.  The pectin in apples pulls mold out of our tissues.

Organic purple grapes destroy mold.  Other wonderful fruit allies are pomegranates and oranges.

Veggies that assist the ‘mold warrior’ are fennel bulb (I’ve seen it at Healthy Hut).  Juicing the fennel bulb and drinking it will remove mold from the lungs and lymphatic system.

Salad fixings to cleanse and kill mold are arugula, mustard greens, and spinach.  Add chopped up sage and rosemary to your salad dressings and guacamole for an extra boost.

Sprinkle pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds on your salad for the perfect mold removal topping or eat them by the handful.

All kinds of mushrooms remove mold as well.  Feast on shitake and others.  Also chaga mushroom powder can be made into a wonderfully restorative tea with a few sprigs of peppermint, honey, and lemon.

Supplement with lyposomal vitamin C.

Drinking 3 cups of nettle leaf tea throughout the day and you will be mold free in good time!

2 thoughts on “Foods that Knock Mold Out of Your Body

    1. Great to hear from you Sharon! Hoping you and your ohana are faring well during this recovery period. Deborah and I are fine. Our sanctuary is situated on a pali (a cliff) and was not impacted by the heavy rains. Many Blessings to you for a well deserved summer retreat into more time for Self and Self-nurturing!


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