Self empowerment is the process of filling  your Self with a quality or power, which you feel you do not have or one, which is lacking inside you, try the following exercise. Suppose you feel that you lack contentment (satisfaction). To increase this quality inside you, sit comfortably in a pleasant room with your eyes open.

Withdraw (remove) energy mentally from everything around you – turn your attention inward. You might think of how a tortoise withdraws into its shell to detach itself from the outside world, but carrying the experience of the world with it inside its shelter.

Create a point of consciousness. Focus on the centre of your forehead. Think of this point as a bright star, a sparkling jewel, a flame or a being of light. This will radiate positive energy, making you feel good about yourself.

Affirm (strengthen) this positive energy through positive thoughts and images about yourself such as * I am a contented soul, I shower everyone whom I meet with the quality of contentment, * I am a jewel of contentment, or * I am the child of the Supreme Soul, the Ocean of Contentment.

Focus your energy on contentment; let this become the object of your meditation. As you focus upon the idea of contentment, you give it space, you bring it into your life; allow your thoughts about contentment to shift into feeling contented.   You will experience this feeling by giving your conscious attention to it.  Just as you feel sad or angry when you concentrate on  thoughts that contain sorrow or anger; through this same process you add fuel to whatever thoughts you entertain, than the feelings that manifest are yours. So consciously choose what you wish to create, how you would like to feel.

During the entire day, visualize yourself performing each action in the canopy (shelter) of the Ocean of Contentment. This same meditation works for all the different virtues like: cheerfulness, courage, humility, tolerance, forgiveness, determination, etc.  Go for the ones you think you are lacking.

For the qualities that already exist inside of you,  use this exercise to strengthen them and bring them out into your actions, reactions, and interactions.

This is a way to experience empowerment through meditation.

great space for meditation

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