How to Be in Relationship with Karma and Create Actions of Peace and Happiness

This piece is taken from Chapter 6 called The Landscape of Karma from the wondrous book called The Story of Immortality: A Return to Self-Sovereignty. This section is called"Karma and Yoga". At the Confluence Age, the Father teaches the children how to perform elevated actions.  You are now learning to perform actions that will make [...]

On-Going Free Classes on Living as a Divine Being in a Temporary Human Form~

Dear Special, Lovely Soul, Have you ever wondered why if we are all souls, we treat ourselves and others more like bodies than divine beings? Have you ever wondered what your original divine qualities are and how you can bring them into your practical life. You will discover the 3 main aspects of the “anatomy [...]

Listen From the Inside

 Sitting here thinking of you, the reader,  I realize how it has taken years of pondering issues, problems, and dilemmas to get to a point of knowing. This kind of knowing goes far beyond the twin shadows of doubt and delusion. For so long, I wondered if I  had something to say worth the time [...]