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Lotus message if we master our thoughts, we master our lives

A blessing card I recently received was called Purpose.  It reminded me that…”As a master, I am motivated by the meaning of my life.  Persevering regardless of all obstacles, I never deviate.”

Perhaps as this applies to each one of us, our purpose must be identified first, in order to maintain such an unshakable level of motivation.  For after all, there are different levels of purpose, just as we exist on different levels of “life”.  In Hindi, there is a word for our everyday life which includes sustaining the self through one’s livelihood: the word is “lokik”.  There is another word that is used exclusively when referring to one’s spiritual life and its aims: that word is “alokik”.  Different folks have different lokik dreams, goals, and aims.  However, when it comes to the spirit, one constant of a soul whose aim is to be truly content and satisfied within is to know peace and happiness and prosperity that are of an eternal nature, not dependent upon the changing tides of the world, which is often “too much with us” (William Wordsworth).

Poets and saints often agree upon the eternal.

I relish this quote from Mary Shelley: “Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose-a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.”

I offer this short piece to you, the reader, as an opportunity to identify and hold fast to that which can tranquilize your mind and upon which you joyfully fix the heart of your soul.

Meditation or contemplation brings with it the subtle art of unlocking the original and eternal attributes of who you are as an eternal soul.  At the same time it can dissolve the impressions and imprints upon the soul that have caused  harmful and traumatic effects.  It can also clear your spiritual (alokik) vision for your Self.

Join me for meditation, free of charge, when you wish to clarify your purpose and meaning in life and when you wish to unlock the wonderful truths about your soul’s essential nature.

This is the aim of Raja Yoga Meditation which I practice and teach. Contact me and focus upon your life’s spiritual purpose.  808-639-9436.

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