To be Free of Body Consciousness, Consider Yourself to Be a Soul

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I am on a pilgrimage; my Spiritual Guide is the One…He/She will guide me through to my home and my kingdom.

The Father frees us from the armed robbers of body consciousness and tells us how to get out of the jungle.  Have a real engagement with Me! Only in this unlimited engagement is there pleasure.  In order to be saved from body consciousness, consider yourself to be a soul, detached from the body.

There are only one or two true pilgrimage places and the Father takes you to them.

I have the faith that I am receiving Godly Direction and that I have found the One and Only.  Where will God take me…He will definitely take you to His Home.  In fact, the true pilgrimage is to the land of peace (Nirvana, Shantidham, Home of the Soul) and the land of happiness (Golden Age).  It is in the intellects of you children that you have to remember the real pilgrimage places.  This is Manmanabhav.  The Father says: Remember Your Home and the Kingdom.  Only the one Father is the Creator of Heaven.

The Father knows that you children made a lot of effort, that you have been through any difficulties.

He simply says: Remember the Father.  This is true engagement.

Om Shanti

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The Divine Pilgrimage and Raja Yoga Meditation

The Supreme Soul, who is the Ocean of Knowledge, is not visible. However, it is the One who cannot be seen who is teaching you to remember Him.

from the Highest on High:

“I teach you Raja Yoga-the highest of all possible unions-the unique connection between the soul and the Supreme Soul.  I teach you to remember Me in order to remove your sorrow and lack of peace.  When you want to remember Me, you need only move your thoughts away from the physical world and all its attractions.  Having done this, you will be in a state of awareness that is only conscious of the soul and the Supreme Soul.  I say to you: Be Mine with your mind. Link your mind to My mind.  As you sit, as you move, as you walk, remember Me alone.  In remembering the name ‘God’, there isn’t the sweetness of the inheritance.  I am your Mother and Father.  You can call Me ‘Baba’.  By remembering Me as Baba, there is the experience of sweetness.  With this simple method, you will enjoy a divine relationship with Me.  I will take you beyond the consciousnss of the material world and lead you to a state of pure peace, love, and happiness.

Faith in Baba and faith in yourself is the first step.  Your thoughts will then walk towards My heart and My mind.  Then experience the result of linking your mind with My mind.  Your experience will become the proof of your relationship with Me; through this all attainments are possible.

I guarantee success to any child who comes to Me.  But I know you each come close to Me according to your role and the effort you make.  I never lose hope in any child.  You are all My children and you all have a right to connect with Me and to be with Me.  Why do you hesitate?  I only come when I am called.  I do not interfere or cause you any difficulty. I am your Obedient Servant.  I come to transform you and transform the world when you learn to connect your thoughts to Me.”

“Connect Your Thoughts to Me, With Love.” Supreme Soul

From A Very High Source: On the Power To Tolerate ~”There Will Be a Sparkle on the Faces of Those Who Are Tolerant”~

the soul speaks to you in quiet moments   My take on what follows is that in essence, ‘to tolerate’ means to have more love to embrace a situation, a person, or even something within your self that you would like to change.  To not be affected negatively by a challenging situation or person, or even your own shortcomings is using the power to tolerate.

“To the extent that you have the power (which comes from the soul) to tolerate, accordingly you receive all the powers from the Almighty Authority.  With the power to tolerate you automatically have the attainment of all virtues.  Those who have the power to tolerate will automatically have…the power to discriminate and the power of depth and maturity.

The power to tolerate is essential.  For the mind there is churning power(contemplation of right thinking) and for the words and actions there is the power to tolerate.  If you have the power to tolerate, whatever words you speak will not be ordinary.  Whatever actions you perform will also be accordingly (not ordinary).

Those who have the power to tolerate are able to stabilize themselves in the stage of light and in the embodiment of pure thought.  There will be a sparkle on the faces of those who are tolerant.  

No matter what type of  negative traits or characteristics others may have, through your own power to tolerate, you will be able to suppress those negative tendencies for a temporary period. 

In your effort on yourself, you need the power to tolerate in order to create positive thoughts in your mind.  This is called ‘controlling power’.  For if you have the power to tolerate, you are able to also control waste thoughts.

At the present time, our aim is to become angels, for which light and might are essential, for these are clearly visible in the life of an angel.  To become the form of light and might, one needs the light of knowledge, which requires churning power and the the power to tolerate.

Being detached is more about being alturistic and able to uplift others and constantly experience yourself to be overflowing.  It also means you do not have any selfish motives, you are doing everything for the sake of service.  This is being a detached observer. 

By being one who has renounced everything, you will develop the virtues of easiness and tolerance.

From a Murli spoken on 12/12/94 by the Highest on High through Brahma 



Your Total Game Depends on Thought


Last night, after World Peace Meditation, right before sleep, I opened to these words of the Beloved.  I felt to share them, in love, that you too may cherish these moments reading the words from the Mind of the Almighty Beloved.  May He be your Constant Companion and may you be a “destroyer of obstacles” for yourself and others!

When a powerful thought is created, then the world becomes elevated!  As is the thought, so is the world.  The total game depends on thought. Create the thought of happiness and at that moment there will be the experience of an atmosphere of happiness.  Create a thought of sorrow, and even if the atmosphere is of happiness yet the soul will experience it to be an atmosphere of sorrow and there will not be the experience of happiness.  It is in your own hands to create the atmosphere, to create the world.  Create determined thought and the obstacle will disappear like magic.  If there is the thought “I don’t know if it will happen or not”, then the mantra cannot work.  Constantly remember that you are the souls who are the destroyers of obstacles…Become the one who changes that which is difficult into that which is easy for all others.

Who are the souls who are truly the destroyers of obstacles?  Is it only Ganesh, son of Shiva, who can be called the destroyer of obstacles?   Claim the right to be a destroyer of obstacles by always having this consciousness: “I am the destroyer of obstacles”.  It is this thought that will finish all obstacles, because it is the thought that creates the form.  If there is an obstacle and you say “this is the obstacle”, you become the form of the obstacle because weak thoughts create a weak world.  If one thought is weak, then innumerable other thoughts follow which are also weak.  Just one thought of why or what brings forth a long queue of whys and whats…When you create such thoughts of your own as,”I don’t know whether its possible or not”, then you become trapped by this weak thought…If a task is taken up with happiness, there cannot be any obstacles during that time.  Keep yourself busy with great happiness in the task.  If you keep busy then maya cannot come….You are the stars who sparkle with constant success.  Do you always remember this?…You, yourselves have become the stars of success.”

 Words from a Murli given on December 29, 1983

Are You Living as a Divine Soul? Maybe the Answer’s Looking for You~ (part 1 of 2 parts)

Part 1~

How do you see yourself?   Do you walk around feeling like a beggar or an emperor/ empress?  What determines how you see and treat yourself?  Self-respect? Self-esteem? How your parents felt about themselves and each other and you?  How others perceive you and treat you?   On a subconscious level, all of these factors contribute to your present vision of yourself.

What is the difference between self-respect and self-esteem? Are they the same?  How are they different? How are they related?   My understanding is that  how I think about myself determines my level of self-esteem…whether it is high or low.   Self-respect, on the other hand, is influenced by my thinking and my belief system (which is pretty much based on my social conditioning) and shows up in how I treat myself and others, with regard or without regard.

What naturally follows from this is that if I think well of myself, I will treat myself well!  This points to the importance of  weeding out the false beliefs that I’ve picked up along the way about myself during my formative years.  These belief systems include how my teachers, parents, friends, and family members have projected upon me…which continue to effect me in the present.

Then there is the question of how did you develop your level of self-esteem, high, medium, or low, in the first place?  Common-sense tells us that:

  • First,  you developed high self-esteem if your  parents have or had high self-esteem.
  • Second, you built self-esteem if you were listened to by your parents and care-givers.
  • Third, you adopted higher or lower levels of self-esteem  depending on how much success you experienced in learning age-appropriate skills and tasks, at home, at school, or at play.

When you were born, like most babies, the innocence and purity of you, the soul, shined through effortlessly as the natural state of the soul.  In other words, you were expressing directly as a soul.  You responded to life without your present, acquired mechanisms of ego and habit, name and gender, opinions and beliefs, for you had not formed any of these aspects as yet.  The world and your own karmic accounts had not yet played upon the soul’s innocence to give you a reason to develop any false or protective ways of being human.

To lose this true natural sense of self is the greatest loss one can experience.  And yet, most of us don’t realize we have lost the most important jewel we could ever possess!  Instead, once the soul merges into the background and the ego starts living as though it were you, the soul  becomes dependent on the external environment for its identity.  The ego turns toward people, places, things, position, social media, obsessions, compulsions, and  addictive behaviors to make you the soul feel temporarily good about yourself and even to define your sense of who you are and who you are not.

Your vision of yourself becomes impacted or impressed upon by the external, changeable, and temporary things of the world. This vision supplants your inner vision of who you truly are eternally!

Until we recognize the difference between the true self and the false self, we don’t have the power or awareness to choose which identity to give life to.  Soul-awareness brings us in touch with our intrinsic value and with the fundamental goodness of ourselves and others.

Without the identity of soul consciousness, we don’t know ourselves as beings of light…positive, loving, complete, beyond gender, beyond name, beyond fame, serenely peaceful and eternal!

I Am the Being that I AM

This predicament of the soul in modern times fuels the fields of psychology and psychotherapy.  While psychology, in its literal sense, means the study of the soul (psyche=soul, ology=study of) and psychotherapy promises therapy to the soul, both of these fields mainly focus on changing or adapting the personality/ego and its behavior to be more effective and in line with the world.   These fields do not include methods to restore the soul’s conscious awareness of its Self!

Part 2 will be added tomorrow and will have the answer that is just waiting for you!!!

p.s. If you suspect you are experiencing this kind of loss of your true identity and would like to restore your original innocence, purity, joy, love, and peace, feel free to call on me!  I am offering  free classes on Living as a Divine Soul, instead of as a Temporary Body. Please call to register~my # is 808-639-9436.  Classes will be held on the FIRST 3 MONDAYS in AUGUST, 2018.

Wishing you Oceans of Peace and the Blissful Awareness of the True You,


From the Heart of God~

Received through the Murli~the flute of the Supreme Soul~

“Knowing is understanding.  Understanding brings the light of knowledge.

When you know Me as I am, only beauty will emante from your thoughts.

When you have understood the knowledge that I bring you, only jewels of wisdom will emerge from your mouth.

When you accept My gift of pure values and practise them, only then will your actions be equal to Mine.”  the Beloved of All~


More Golden Words from the Father

“What is the speciality of the life of one who has faith…and who remains in spiritual intoxication?

Firstly, this soul will have a feeling of being an instrument (for the One above) in every activity of his life, to which extent he has this elevated intoxication. Because of the speciality of the awareness of being an instrument, the soul will have a humble intellect.
What would be the language of a soul who has faith?

Sweetness in the language would be a common thing, but it will also have generosity. Generosity means the generosity of enabling all souls to progress. That soul will say, “First you”, and will not constantly say “I, I”. Generosity means to keep others ahead. He would say, “you are cleverer than I”. This is the language of generosity. Whenever there is generosity, and no desire to keep the self in front, than that soul automatically achieves whatever fruit the heart desires.

The extent to which a soul remains stable in the consciousness of being free from even the slightest trace of desire, to that extent, the soul is considered to be good, to be worthy, and will be kept in front.

Therefore the soul who says, “First you”, from the heart does not get left behind, he is automatically put first by others. This is not possible for one who has desires.

And so the language of a soul who has faith…will always be of generosity.

It will be the language of contentment, and the language of bringing benefit to everyone.”