How to Exercise the Soul!

“We are fundamentally good, not fundamentally flawed, and we can trust this.”  Thank you Pema Chodron, for affirming this for all of us.  The Buddhists call the idea of a fixed identity “ego-clinging”.  The ego tries relentlessly to stand on solid ground in an ever-shifting world.  As you meditate,  notice how your awareness is liberated from old, limited patterns of thought.  Like the caterpillar which sheds its cocoon and emerges as a butterfly, the reflective soul sheds the limited “egoic self” and emerges its true, unlimited nature.

Sitting quietly in the vastness of who you are, (beyond your body) in the softness of your inner world, notice how attached you have been to the thousand little opinions that the “little you”  has equated with your identity. The little self is the you that has ‘thought’ itself into a corner.

Turn this around by focusing on thoughts which unlimit you, “uncorner you”.  Renounce the limited and embrace the unlimited.

Here are some profoundly unlimiting thoughts that describe your eternal nature:

I am a being of unlimited peace.

I am a beloved child of the Bestower of Love and Happiness.

I am a great soul.

I am a destroyer of obstacles for myself and others.

Bask in the eternal nature of who you are, become lost in love with the Divine Guide, Teacher, Parent, the One who encourages the soul in its longing to be free and to know eternity.

Om Shanti~You are an unlimited peaceful soul, yes you!

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