Choosing A Topic or Theme for Meditation that Inspires You


Before getting into the “what” of meditation…think about what you know about the difference between self-esteem and  self-respect?

What I’ve come to know is that self-esteem is most often described as the value the ‘world'(and you) places on your strengths that are connected to outer achievements and talents.  These qualities are often able to be measured. Self-respect, on the other hand, is based on your inner recognition and self-acceptance of who you know yourself to be. 

Self-respect is based on the intrinsic values within the soul, the qualities that are part of our humanity.  These intrinsic qualities of the soul are love, peace, happiness, bliss, joy, truth, and wisdom and are not measurable by outer methods. These qualities or values are also called virtues.  Often they have been covered over by the rust of time and the impact of negative worldly experiences.

In the struggle for outward recognition, these intrinsic qualities or virtues have taken a backseat in our everyday awareness simply because they are the deeper, invisible side of who we truly are.

These incognito qualities within are really just waiting for a chance to emerge, to be known, appreciated, and to shine brightly into the world.  They are waiting in the wings for your attention!

This is where the “what” of meditation comes in.

CHOOSE the value, virtue, or quality you wish to experience in your meditation:

Here is a list of statements about the inner you to inspire you…

  • Love – My love is a gift to every soul, given freely without expectation
  • Generosity – I am overflowing, easily contributing
  • Humility – I  bask in self-respect without seeking external attention/praise
  • Peace – I sink into inner silence, as I unwind the flow of my mind
  • Detachment –  I love without clinging,  I’m involved, not dependent
  • Contentment – My needs are always fulfilled, as surely as the sun rises
  • Kindness – I see, I understand, never imposing, always supportive
  • Happiness – The joy of being alive flows through my being
  • Simplicity/Uncomplicated – I see the essence; I stay real and keep life simple
  • Lightness – I am free from thoughts of the past-life is a wonderful game
  • Courageous – Having seen the truth, I know what I must do; I am  undaunted

Bring your chosen virtue into focus for the next week by spending at least 10 minutes a day, experiencing yourself as a beautiful being of light, filled with the quality you have chosen.

Start where it feels most real.

Build up to two or three times a day, meditating on your special virtue.

Journal about the experiences, images, and feelings you have during these meditations and also about the magic and/or the tests that show up in the rest of your day that shows you that you are deepening your impact upon the world by “being aware who you truly are“.

Awareness of your own original truth is everything!

Share your experiences to uplift others.

Encourage them to explore their original nature.

We are all special … most of us have just forgotten.

It is time to return to our original state of being!!!

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