Affirmations to Explore Your Resources of Inner Beauty


Drenched in Rose Petals

The wonder of life fills my being.  I willingly challenge old ideas and images.

I find loveliness in myself and others, an inner beauty, unique and cherished.

I catch the lightness of life and sense a good future.

I enjoy what life offers, knowing my needs will be filled as surely as day follows night.

Single-minded, yet flexible, I  move with love and purpose towards my destination.

I am serene, even while in the midst of change. 

Walking softly, seeing, understanding, accepting…Seeing into Being

Perceiving the inner rhythm of events, I allow my feelings to guide me.

My actions reflect what I value most.

I am an instrument of love.








Self-Respect ~ Let Me Count the Ways



I am a child of GodA spiritual journey often begins with  the question:’Who am I?’

Focusing on our eternal nature with self-reflection and self-respect brings into awareness the unfoldment of the answer to Who am I.

Giving respect to your true Self, instead of demanding or expecting respect for your ego from others has great benefits.   As your self-respect increases, the soul becomes humble and fulfilled. Eliminating negative and useless thoughts about myself and others is easier when focused on the elevated awareness of the Self as a being of light..  This kind of self respect dispels consciousness of the self as a limited, temporary body governed by an ego and our true nature of peace, love, and joy can be expressed.

Being in self-respect brings respect from others easily and continually. This is the opposite of arrogance; this has to do with acknowledging the True Self and our true qualities.

Renouncing the desires of I, me, and mine cools the ego down.  Work on the ego allows one to experience progress in meditation and other spiritual work.

Self-respect is the foundation of the state of soul-consciousness.  Each and every thought of respect  about our true and eternal nature creates energy, while wasteful thoughts about myself and others reduces my power and vitality.

Start this process of respect for your eternal nature by creating a list of respectful  thoughts or ‘titles’ you have for your soul.  Such thoughts will build inner stability to  face adverse situations.  They will keep you in a good stage of soul-consciousness and in the company of the Highest on High who wishes only the best for you.

Here is a starter list to get you moving in the right direction.

  1.  I am a great soul.  It is true that I’m great.  Feel it and accept it with deep     realization.
  2.  I am a destroyer of obstacles for myself and others.  My Divine Parent is always with me.  I am under the Canopy of Protection.
  3.  My original and eternal state is of  sovereignty of the soul over the mind and body.
  4.  I am a pure soul and so is everyone else originally and eternally a pure soul.
  5.  My true nature is of peace.  When I am connected to peace, I give peace to all souls through the freedom of my mind.
  6. On the basis of self-respect, I charge up the atmosphere around me, including my home, my meditation area, and wherever I am present in the world.
  7. I am a powerful soul, unlimited and blissful.
  8. Expressing love without conditions and expectations is a natural joy for the soul.
  9. I am a beloved child of God.

Give yourself the gift of Self-Respect every day.  It is especially powerful, during the first ten minutes of your day to reflect on one of these points.  This practice can be repeated for the last ten minutes of your day before sleeping, as well. These times of the day, your subconscious is most available and will take in your positive thoughts.  Also imbibe a powerful point of self-respect while eating and drinking.  Work this practice into the things you do everyday for the sustenance of your body.  You will be also sustaining the energy of your soul.

You are a blessed soul.  Blessed by this spiritual knowledge, blessed by the Divine Director of this play, and blessed by every positive thought you choose.

Choose well, live well, and progress.









Choosing A Topic or Theme for Meditation that Inspires You


Before getting into the “what” of meditation…think about what you know about the difference between self-esteem and  self-respect?

What I’ve come to know is that self-esteem is most often described as the value the ‘world'(and you) places on your strengths that are connected to outer achievements and talents.  These qualities are often able to be measured. Self-respect, on the other hand, is based on your inner recognition and self-acceptance of who you know yourself to be. 

Self-respect is based on the intrinsic values within the soul, the qualities that are part of our humanity.  These intrinsic qualities of the soul are love, peace, happiness, bliss, joy, truth, and wisdom and are not measurable by outer methods. These qualities or values are also called virtues.  Often they have been covered over by the rust of time and the impact of negative worldly experiences.

In the struggle for outward recognition, these intrinsic qualities or virtues have taken a backseat in our everyday awareness simply because they are the deeper, invisible side of who we truly are.

These incognito qualities within are really just waiting for a chance to emerge, to be known, appreciated, and to shine brightly into the world.  They are waiting in the wings for your attention!

This is where the “what” of meditation comes in.

CHOOSE the value, virtue, or quality you wish to experience in your meditation:

Here is a list of statements about the inner you to inspire you…

  • Love – My love is a gift to every soul, given freely without expectation
  • Generosity – I am overflowing, easily contributing
  • Humility – I  bask in self-respect without seeking external attention/praise
  • Peace – I sink into inner silence, as I unwind the flow of my mind
  • Detachment –  I love without clinging,  I’m involved, not dependent
  • Contentment – My needs are always fulfilled, as surely as the sun rises
  • Kindness – I see, I understand, never imposing, always supportive
  • Happiness – The joy of being alive flows through my being
  • Simplicity/Uncomplicated – I see the essence; I stay real and keep life simple
  • Lightness – I am free from thoughts of the past-life is a wonderful game
  • Courageous – Having seen the truth, I know what I must do; I am  undaunted

Bring your chosen virtue into focus for the next week by spending at least 10 minutes a day, experiencing yourself as a beautiful being of light, filled with the quality you have chosen.

Start where it feels most real.

Build up to two or three times a day, meditating on your special virtue.

Journal about the experiences, images, and feelings you have during these meditations and also about the magic and/or the tests that show up in the rest of your day that shows you that you are deepening your impact upon the world by “being aware who you truly are“.

Awareness of your own original truth is everything!

Share your experiences to uplift others.

Encourage them to explore their original nature.

We are all special … most of us have just forgotten.

It is time to return to our original state of being!!!

Creating with Soul Power

Doing what you do “with love” is the only way to accumulate sprititual power and merit.  If you are moving from guilt, obligation, or force, you will not receive the results you are seeking.

As you choose to build up the spiritual aspect of your nature~do it with Love.  The love of knowing that everyday you have committed time to do something that will be yours for eternity.  You are adding to your account of consciousness.  Keep this appointment with yourself.  This teaches kindness and respect to the self and strengthens your determination to overcome distractions, carelessness, and laziness.

Start your day right, by carving out some morning time that is dedicated to You.   Make it spiritually significant to you.  Then it will be easier throughout the day to enjoy moments when you connect in  with your Self again.  Being able to quickly recognize that you are a soul, by affirming this truth through a simple statement such as: “I am a peaceful soul” as you sip water throughout the day, empowers every cell in the water, as well as every cell in your body.  Choose a simple statement that resonates deeply~choose a statement that is most likely to ignite your light! Starting with peace is a powerful step.

Even the most basic practice, repeated consistently, can bring enormous benefit.  You may also add to this by saying I am a peaceful soul 10 to 20 times as you cook,  do your laundry,  as you are driving or as you go about your work day.

As you walk to your car or to the bus, continue to affirm to yourself…I am a peaceful soul.  This small step qualifies you to enter a wonderful spiritual doorway. You are entering into your true reality, that of a spiritual being of light.

You may feel that it is not easy to live in this world and to be spiritual. Granted there are definitely forces at foot to pull us down.  An easy method to lift yourself time and time again and to fuel your consciousness is to have easy access to thoughts which make your soul smile, which refresh and restore your stamina.  Thoughts, which as soon as you think them, give you a spiritual rush and transport you from ordinary consciousness to a higher state of awareness.  It does take effort to redirect thoughts.  The choice is yours, would you rather have thoughts that elevate you or thoughts that limit you, keep you stuck, or even depress you?  As we understand on deeper and deeper levels, that thought creates reality, this practice takes on more meaning and importance.

Take the thought that “I am a powerful soul, full of spiritual power”.  Yes, I am a powerful soul despite any weaknesses that I have acquired over time.  The reality of my original state of being is that I am a powerful soul. Allow yourself to accept this thought. Allow the feelings behind the thought to come into your experience of yourself; this will happen as you contemplate on the spiritual truth of the thought. “Yes, I am a powerful soul, I feel my spiritual well-being rising.”  Such contemplations  guide us into positive experiences of power.

“As you palpably feel the fullness of your spiritual energy, that experience is imprinted in your subconscious mind. It becomes a new reality that you can access.  Over time, with regular reinforcement, this subconscious imprint will begin to impact the activity of your conscious mind and   I am a powerful soul will color your attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs…i.e. this reality will become first nature to you.”   from: De Carteret, Soul Power p.71