Affirmations to Explore Your Resources of Inner Beauty

  The wonder of life fills my being.  I willingly challenge old ideas and images. I find loveliness in myself and others, an inner beauty, unique and cherished. I catch the lightness of life and sense a good future. I enjoy what life offers, knowing my needs will be filled as surely as day follows [...]

Self-Respect gains Respect from Others and Dispels Darkness

    Your spiritual journey begins with 'Who am I?' and ends with 'Who am I'?   Self-knowledge, self-reflection, and self-respect will reveal your innate power and unique role in the drama of life. To give respect to the Self, instead of demanding respect from others has great benefits.   As  self-respect increases, the soul becomes humble [...]

What is Your Best Incognito Virtue?

  Do you know the difference between self-esteem and  self-respect? Self esteem is usually described as the value the 'world' (and you) places on your strengths that are connected to outer achievements and talents.  These qualities are often able to be measured. Self-respect, on the other hand, is based on your inner recognition and self-acceptance [...]

Creating with Soul Power

Doing what you do "with love" is the only way to accumulate sprititual power and merit.  If you are moving from guilt, obligation, or force, you will not receive the results you are seeking. As you choose to build up the spiritual aspect of your nature~do it with Love.  The love of knowing that everyday [...]