Get a Jump Start on Living as a Soul!

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Ask yourself what truly gives me peace?  What am I insisting needs to get done before I can be at peace?  What helps me to “be still”?  Your eternal nature is free and peaceful.   Your eternal nature is free from fears, free from doubts, free from pain, and free from suffering.  To fly away, to be unlimited, and to be in peace are all deep soul memories which create a deep, yet subtle, longing.

free bird in a golden sky

Buried within us, lies the truth that we are much more than bodies.  We are all experiencing an identity crisis, without knowing it!  Most of us have been under the deep impression that I am this body and I have a soul.  In actuality, I am the eternal being who has taken a body, in order to play a part on the stage of life. I temporarily reside inside this body; however I am an unlimited soul-playing a limited role. I must remember the costume (body) is not me…it is a temporary outer garment that will soon be exchanged for another. This is why trying to derive total fulfillment or contentment through the senses of the body is not possible.  It is always temporary and does not feed the inner resources of the soul, which can become dry from lack of attention and awareness to the true self.

free bird in a golden sky

  • Ask yourself, what exactly do I yearn to be free from?
  • What makes me feel unlimited?
  • What helps bring back the memory of who I am… a peaceful, powerful, happy being?

Worthy sages, poets, and healers, all endeavor to guide humanity’s focus towards the inner treasure of our true identity.

In the 18th century, the poet, William Wordsworth mused upon these sentiments in his classic poem:

The World is Too Much with Us…in which he wrote:

we are beings~

 “trailing clouds of glory… blinded by the  distractions of the material world.”

 He cautioned then, what is even more true now: Don’t  look to the world to fulfill the longing of the soul.

You are an eternal being, a soul and your quest is for the everlasting, not the temporary bling or the immediate gratification. This type of compensatory gratification is a highly, over-rated commodity of our time and keeps the soul under-nourished.

Listen to yourself – the answers do lie within.  Become knowledgeable about your inner resources and transform your life and its difficulties into a life of ease and grace.


  • Give yourself time to Go Deep Into the Silence that is You.
  • Speak kindly to the you that is emerging… the You that is waking from a deep and troubled sleep, a kind of amnesia, a forgetting!
  • As a spiritual being, I require spiritual sustenance…the kind received through spiritual truths that restore my self-knowledge as a vital, loving, wise, and powerful soul. To receive that means I must be in touch with my spiritual nature…my spiritual home and my spiritual source.
  • Spiritually detox. Begin by burning up all false beliefs that taught you the Highest on High is not a loving Benefactor, discard any teaching that says that One judges and a punishes.  Free yourself from the lies and misconceptions that do not serve you in any way.
  • Purge the beliefs injected into you from your childhood that tell you that this One gets angry with you.
  • Remember: healing your “religious past” ensures that your “spiritual future” will be positive and bring you in closer loving communion with the Most Loving Force in our universe.
  • Find a spiritual practice that eases your heart of all guilt, hatred, and fear: a path with Heart  that will allow the flow of more kindness, peace, love, and honesty to flow in, from, and around you.
  • Commit to a path that supports you, and allows you to experience the true nature of God.
  • Claim as your own, the kind of relationship/s you would love to have with this One.
  • Having made your claim, ask to be guided towards its complete fulfillment.
  • Know this is your birthright.
  • Begin a thorough “detoxing” of all ancient, spiritual skeletons left unhealed, in your “closet” of forgotten burdens and recurring memories. Without doing this spiritual detox, you will feel bound by subtle forces that make it hard to move forward and to melt into love, contentment, peace, and acceptance. (p.s. I share a wonderful practice that can be used to help you get free from negative memories.)
  • Clean out, open up, and receive comfort and support from the One who has never stopped loving you!
  • Consciously and/or unconsciously, if your strongest perceptions of the Beloved are of fear and judgement, you will tend to be that way with yourself!     (I was definitely “there” for a looong time~OUCH!)
  • And the way you are with yourself is essentially how you are with others, and how others “see” you and treat you.
  • Your relationship with the One is so unique and the most intimate mirror you have. Take the time to clean this mirror of other peoples’ fingerprints, of the greasy smudges of old perceptions.
  • The reflection that shines through will astound and uplift you.

sparking soul

You will wonder how it was possible to be duped for so long about your own true worth and the benevolent brilliance of the Bestower of Happiness, the One who removes sorrow.

The practice of Raja Yoga has immensely helped me to clear lifetimes of confusion about my relationship with this One!!!

It has become such a joy to practice and teach this wondrous method of meditation which assists others in finding clarity and deep connection.

Contact me @ 808-639-9436 if you would like to experience newness in your present practice of meditation, in your relationship with the Divine, or more comfort and ease in your life, in general.

Email me to discuss whatever is touching your heart of hearts at this time.  I teach free classes on “The Art of Stillness” formerly called “Living as an Eternal Being instead of as a Temporary Human Being”.  My email is: I can also be reached directly @808-639-9436.

rose on hand with light

I share guided meditations over the phone and as we move forward, will resume them in person.

Remember You are a Beautiful Soul.

Your Life is a Journey of Remembering and Forgetting.

It’s Time to Remember!

Kindness is the Highest Form of Wisdom

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