The Simplest & Truest Thought You Can Have about your Self~

Baba's Room Pandav Bhavan

This is a guided meditation that can be used by yourself or in a group meditation.  It is an exploration of our essential identity as a soul, and of the soul’s original nature.  The simplest thought one can have about yourself as a soul is embedded in these Sanskrit words:  Om Shanti.  Om means: I am a soul and Shanti means: peace.  Together they express your original and eternal state of being:  I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL.

During meditation, I invite you to take that thought ‘I am a peaceful soul’ and hold on to it firmly and confidently in your mind.  As you focus on this thought, it gradually releases its essence into your consciousness and even into the atmosphere around you.  With consistent practice, this thought opens the inner doorway which exists within and brings deeper and deeper peace.

While you are holding this thought, if other thoughts begin to arise to distract you, allow them to pass by without giving energy or more thought to them.  Surrender unwanted thoughts to your higher power.  Know that you can choose where to place your attention and allow these thoughts that surface to be easily released from your mind and consciousness.  Release all thoughts that do not contribute to you melting into a state of peace.  Focus, surrender, release, and focus again.  It’s your mind, direct it.

Whenever you feel distracted from this purpose, return to the simple and true thought of your original essence:  I am a peaceful soul.  Peace is my true nature.

As you continue this practice, you can bring this awareness into your everyday world.   Slowly, but surely, you carry this awareness of your true nature of peace with you; you own it, recognize it as you, and are aware that your thoughts, words, and actions are an expression of your original truth.

Gradually, you stablize in this awareness.  You give yourself permission to stop often everyday (even for 2 or 3 minutes at a time) to affirm and claim that I am a peaceful soul~this is who I truly am, originally and eternally.  This is my deepest habit; I am an unlimited being of peace.

As you experience this more frequently, you will notice that peace is very contagious and has a wonderful effect of helping other souls remember their true nature as well.  And on and on, this peace grows and radiates to other souls and even to nature and the world.  This is the very foundation stone of World Peace.  It lies inside of every man, woman, and child.

Nurture it through meditating on it, claiming it, and realizing your true self.

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