Purpose of this Meditation:  To stabilize the mind in remembrance of the self as a soul…I am a soul acting through this body…this is Soul Consciousness…a natural identity that takes practice to remember.  For we have been immersed in the 3rd Dimension for many lifetimes.  Now is the time to Remember once again who we truly are!

Meditation:  I, the soul, am a star-like point of perfect peace and purity.  My origin is the golden-red expanse of the soul world, a world or dimension of silence and peace.  In my original state, I am fully charged with my natural and eternal attributes of purity, beauty, love, joy, peace, wisdom, and sweetness.  When I take my first birth upon the earth, I sparkle with essence; happiness flows from within me, for this is my natural state.

Gradually as I accumulated many births on this corporeal plane of action, I become attached to the senses, to temporary objects, and to people.  This caused me to forget my original attributes.

The illusion (Maya) that existence is entirely physical dominated my consciousness.  The forces of anger, lust, greed, ego, and attachment became an accepted form of interaction. My ability to control matter is replaced with matter controlling me.  Happiness is no longer my natural state.

Through meditation and contemplation, I can regain my spiritual status and natural endowments, my birthright of peace and happiness.  I, the soul, become aware and  recharged once again to my original state.

Through the correct knowledge of who I am and consistent contemplation upon this knowledge, the mind becomes shaped through elevated, essenceful thoughts.  I become soul conscious once again!

This, my friends is the first step in the Raja Yoga course.  Soul Consciousness is vital preparation to create concentration on the Highest on High.  Without soul consciousness, the mind is drawn by the many distractions of the physical world.  I, the soul, must claim my spiritual mastery over the mind and the senses.  Then my focus is free to contemplate upon my spiritual existence and the presence and power of the Almighty in my life, as my teacher, my friend,and my divine parent.

May you become detached and extremely loving and like the lotus remain pure, despite the mud from which it grows.

Many Blessings,


Pure and Free as a Lotus

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