Affirmations to Explore Your Resources of Inner Beauty


Drenched in Rose Petals

The wonder of life fills my being.  I willingly challenge old ideas and images.

I find loveliness in myself and others, an inner beauty, unique and cherished.

I catch the lightness of life and sense a good future.

I enjoy what life offers, knowing my needs will be filled as surely as day follows night.

Single-minded, yet flexible, I  move with love and purpose towards my destination.

I am serene, even while in the midst of change. 

Walking softly, seeing, understanding, accepting…Seeing into Being

Perceiving the inner rhythm of events, I allow my feelings to guide me.

My actions reflect what I value most.

I am an instrument of love.








A Pep Talk for These Times

Become generous in the thought of being loved by God.

Find that place within and hold fast to it!

  Have Gratitude and know you are a beloved Child of God.

Proceed with this awareness in all your thoughts, words, and deeds.

You are here for a short time, a guest to this world.

Your only purpose is to be of service.

  With this constant awareness, the Light of God will increase within you

and shine forth and Bless You and Others.

Act from the awareness that you and the Beloved

are constant companions,


 Respect yourself highly-do not let down your guard.

          Strength comes from having faced yourself.