The Pilgrimage … A Letter of 330 Words to You, the Soul

light-body The Pilgrimage of Rememberance is a seed to explore.  It must be planted deep into your awareness in order to change your consciousness of who you are, who you belong to, and where you are going, and how to get there on this journey through Time and Eternity.

Who is the Guide on this Journey?  The best guide is the One who has the complete view, the clearest vision, and the conscious awareness of the beginning, middle and end of the jorney, which never really ends, but repeats as a cycle.  Think ‘cycle of life’, ‘cycle of time’, the ‘cycle of your own experiences, impressions, and actions’; which is all seeded indelibly in your soul, and manifests as the unique expression of you.

Seeds grow in darkness, below the surface of what is seen by the physical eye.   It is the spiritual eye, alone, which can see the seed of you, the soul. The spiritual eye, also known as the third eye, is opened by the One when you call out and when you are ready.

The blueprint of you is best observed and known in a detached state through the spiritual eye which has been opened through faith and divine knowledge.

When you the seed of light falls upon the fertile soil of consistent remembrance, personal talents which have been latent and hidden until now are uncovered to serve the world.

You are then ready to open your destiny by overcoming obstacles, which have shown up internally and externally through the dynamic with those closest to you and within your own thoughts and dreams.

You have been incubating for a long time, haven’t you!?

Now is the time to discover that you are a beloved, eternal soul.

Use your ways of going within to the center, to the essence…in solitude, away from all that you have ever known, away from the ordinary and from everyday matters.

This is how you manage to get clearer and clearer about everything! Learn to be alone and like it



Peace Waves Her Wand and You find a Place within Untouched by this World

rainbowBeing Still is the Way of Redemption

Being Still allows the vibration of Peace to emerge and wave her wand over this landscape creating a benediction of many colors.

Condensed from Dadi Janki

“There is a part of you that is perfect and pure.

Untouched by any conditioning.

Its total absence of conflict and negativity makes this part of you

a Still-Point of Silence.

Make time to reach this inner place of Silence.

It will bring you untold benefit.”