Wait, Maybe the Answer is Looking for You? (part 2)

I promised to write an answer, a sequel to the piece called “Wait, Maybe the Answer is Looking for You?”.  An answer which addresses the plight of the soul today.

I am very excited about writing and sharing answers to soul questions and yet, this morning, instead of sitting down and getting right into the article I promised you, I felt unfocused and distracted.

Enter stage right:  EGO, Maya, distraction,  a trip to the post  office, a meander around Facebook, tidying up my desk, sore muscles from yesterday’s work out.  All, seemingly keeping me away from doing what I really wanted to do, which was to keep my promise and write the post!

However, ‘do not despair’ I heard my Self say, for as always, the deeper Self was busy preparing me to present you with something very special!  Apparently, the whole day was an incubation period for what I would finally share.

True to its title~What if  the Answer is Looking for You? (part 2),   I am delighted to share with you what I found, or rather what found me!  It  is a piece of writing that came into my possession over 15 years ago, written by my son, Jesse.  I had planned to mail it to him with the package I sent him; but first I wanted to read it.  Much to my surprise and delight, I found that he was writing about the journey of the soul! As he listened from deep inside, past the babbling of the mind and beyond the chatter and clatter of the world, his soul shone through~

He wrote this piece when he was twenty-something, in the language of the soul~ poetic, vivid, peaceful, and clear.  Through it, peace finds him and presents a solution for the plight of ‘the patient soul’.

I share it with you, to beckon you closer to your inner world of peace.

And so, I present to you, my first guest blogger~Jesse D’Alessio~ poet laureate of my heart!

“Waking up in a hotel, after a long day of travel, I awoke to peace of mind, tranquility, and focus. 

I heard my Self say: Peace of Mind, Tranquility, and Focus.

And so I took a deep breath,                                                                                            Relaxed my shoulders and straightened my spine, and                                           

With both feet planted firmly on the ground, I began to follow the flow that was coursing through my veins.

Life is here and now,                                                                                                              Vivid and fresh,                                                                                                                      Made to be taken and loved and felt.

This is your experience, this is your time, now is the foreseen moment.                    This is your time to experience the physical body,                                                              To experience the physical dimension.                                                                                For when I speak of you,                                                                                                              I am speaking of all of you.

What is more central to your existence than your Soul?                                               Your Soul is your core, your base and your foundation.                                                                It is everything you have been and                                                                      Is where everything you learn in this life will be remembered.

How often we forget our patient souls.                                                                          Caught up in the mental and the physical,                                                                            We spend hours listening to the elevator music of our restless minds.

True tranquility and relaxation cannot be approached                                                 Until the incessant babbling of the mind is allowed to finish                                  Allowed to finish, or asked to stop.

I once read that we have several aspects to our minds.                                                   The most obvious is the active mind,                                                                                  The mind that thinks and plans and calculates.                                                            This is the mind that is closest to the front and the first we consult.   This outermost mind is a dynamic, creative entity that spends countless                             Hours processing, interpreting, and                                                       Feeling all of the stimulation of our daily lives.                                                            Sights and sounds, smells and sensations, language and music.

This outermost mind is most active when we access it.                                          However, when we are no longer using it,                                                                  Perhaps absorbed by a rhythmic, monotonous task                                                           Or while sitting still, a second mind emerges.                                                     This is that mind that starts you singing the last song you heard on the radio             Or that repeats to itself the last advertising jingle you picked up.

How many times have you heard this second mind,                                                  Suddenly say to itself: Nabisco,ding?                                                                                      Or some other equally pointless melody devised by advertising companies to entertain your second mind? 

How often have you desired to sit still and contemplate?                                                  To simply be silent,                                                                                                                  Only to hear a song playing over and over,                                                                   Behind the now silenced active mind?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Moving past this second mind,                                                                                              This second barrier                                                                            Is essential if we wish to access the deeper core of our being.

The human brain is stronger than any computer ever created by man.                                            The memory,                                                                                                                      The power of memorization,                                                                                          The mother board of our psyche                                                                                     Is a truly awesome, mystifying force. 

Such complexity to the human brain.                                                                                  Yet still much further into the depths of you,                                                              Lies You, the ever present Soul.                                                                                              The core of your existence,                                                                                                    The most ‘you’ part of you.                                                                              For it is the soul that will live on when your physical body ceases to move.        When the atoms of your physical self are reunited with those of the earth,                          It is your soul that will be continuing the journey.

If you should succeed to be 100 years old,                                                                                You might feel that you had lived a full, long life,                                                             But how many hundreds or thousands of years will the soul live?                                    How much more constant, eternal is your soul?                                                                 You, the soul is the part of you that will go on and on.

Still we are distracted by the physical body.                                                                              We are preoccupied by the second mind,                                                                       Which is shielding us from our subconscious.   

And how much more profound than our subconscious is the Living Soul?              Peace, Tranquility, and Focus                                                                                                 The Realms of the Soul. 

 Let us not put the body and mind on autopilot                                                               Only to wander the earth adrift.                                                                                                Let us live for the soul, with the mind and through the body.                                     A triplicity of spirit, mind, and body, combined…                                                           Interlocked and interwoven.

Such a wonder,                                                                                                                                Such an ingenious design.                                                                                                            Such a gift is life,                                                                                                                          That it might be lived to the fullest.                                                                                            Spirit, mind, and body.                                                                                                            Triplicity in One.


Child Soul Meditating




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