The Myth of “Good Luck”


Setting goals works.  Writing them down works even better.  And accountability insures that you stay on track until you’ve reached your goal.

11954546_10205002260157817_3913566571633993621_nThis builds self-respect and overcomes poor habits that come from unconscious beliefs such as “I don’t deserve to achieve”, “I’d rather procrastinate than test myself, because I’m afraid of failure and I’m afraid of success”, or just simply the belief that “I can’t”.  These are markers of unwillingness.   So ask yourself am I willing to set a goal, create an action plan, and ask for accountability?  If so, you are on your way to something new.

No matter what the result, if you stick to this plan, you are going to learn something NEW about yourself.

Research on goal-setting at Dominican University, California, done by Gail Matthews indicated that folks who write down their goals, create action plans, and track their progress accomplish significantly more goals than people who just think about them.

She also learned that the three most important elements for successful goal-setting are accountability, commitment, and writing down goals.

Have you heard the phrase “good goals are SMART”?

 SMART is an acronym that stands for:

  • S = Specific:  Describe your goal clearly and concisely.  Don’t be vague or wishy washy about the outcome you wish to achieve.
  • M = Measureable:  Develop a tangible way to measure your progress. For example you can’t measure kindness, but you can measure:  I will say something uplifting to each person I encounter today and for the next 21 days.  Not only is this measureable, it is also a great way to instill a new behavior.
  • A = Attainable: Make sure your goals and action plan are manageable and align with your skills, resources, and interests.
  • R = Relevant:  Is your goal relevant to you?  Is it something you value, and is it related to the bigger picture of your life? A great goal clearly answers the  question~ “why am I doing this”?
  • T = Timeline:  A goal without a timeline is just a dream.  A timeline, with milestones and an end date, will keep you accountable to yourself (and  in addition, a friend, mentor, or coach, can also help keep you accountable and focused).  i.e. “Break your goal into small tasks and set a deadline for each task.  It’s not so overwhelming when you do it in small steps.”                                                                                               (Maureen Zappala, “New Year, New Tune”)

I have noticed that sometimes when I set a goal, other priorites start bubbling up, unexpectedly, and I put my goal on hold!  Often the other priorities soon  fizzle out and I am left without making the progress on my original goal that I had hoped for.  Getting distracted is the biggest Maya there is.  Don’t be deceived by it!

Recognize that I don’t have to wait for someone else to give me the okay.  I just have to say “OKAY” to  myself, every day to activate my inner resources.

Presently, I have a short check list of 6 items which I check nightly before sleeping.  It is a doable check-in to see how I’m doing. The key is not to get discouraged or judgemental, but use this as useful information on how to progress.

As a very successful friend said to me once, “I don’t believe in LUCK.  I’ve worked hard and paid my dues, it hasn’t been a matter of luck.”  She has found that others look at her and where she’s at in life and say  “you’re lucky”.  She feels that by calling it luck is to discount all the hours of planning, implementing, and effort-making that  has gone into creating her smiling success story!!!  There is so much behind the scenes work that a successful person does  every day!

Reaching goals requires clarity; the kind of clarity that comes from writing down your goals and checking in with them.

Start now…write it down-make it happen!

On some level, we all know that success is more than good luck; it requires what most of us would call good old determination!.

Writing down your goals and tracking your progress is definitely a way to mobilize all aspects of one’s inner and outer worlds and to take loving dominion over the thoughts, words, and actions that will make you or break you.

This is my goal during this powerful time of setteling karmic accounts.  This is my goal to create an eternal reward.  This is my contribution to creating the new world.

I wish you well in gaining clarity and determination by writing down your goals.

I won’t wish you “Good Luck”, but Good Determination!

Sending you waves of  good wishes to be the very best Self you can be everyday!!!

Start today!






Sweet Recognition~Looking into the Mirror of the Heart

Finding old journals is like finding rare, valuable treasure. The contents of this one, from August 20, 2009, had the accuracy of  true North, pointing out the relentless pilgrimage I’d been navigating for a long, long  time.  I see it now as “the search for lost innocence”.

Reading through this passage , what emerged before me,  was ‘I, the soul’, the pure, powerful being of  light, the being  beautiful in silence and comfortable with truth.

This is the ‘me’ that had been so  covered by the dust of this corporeal world, that I had become unrecognizable, even to my Self.  No wonder, for many drought-striken  years, my journals poigntantly reflected the  theme of  ‘The Self longing for the Self’… the True Self, the true being that is completely full, lacking nothing.  The quest was for the unlimited vessel of peace, love, wisdom, and bliss.

As,  souls, we come from another world, a world “beyond sound”perfectly described by the Hindi word~ Nirvana which translates to ‘without sound’.

We, souls, are incognito cosmic travelers!

Incognito, indeed…such a wonder that  I, the Soul have been mostly unknown and unrecognized while the body which I inhabit and animate has been running the show.  I, the soul have waited patiently and quietly, very quietly in the wings for my time to emerge.

Emergence began through this journal, this mirror of the heart, written late into a summer’s evening. It emerged after a rich discussion at a weekly gathering, called ‘Council’ which I participated in for eight years, while living on the moist, fertile mountain of Wailua, interestingly called ‘the Sleeping Giant’.

It was on this night that the glimmerings of  true identity and awakening could be felt.  It was through a powerful thought-generated feeling that this piece of writing opened the door of ‘awareness’.

It started like this:

So much more is coming through that wishes to be said; an opening made by what was spoken tonight at Council allows a raw, pure innocence to come to the surface, breaking through the barriers of ego and personality, emerging, to be heard and healed.  Out of the depth of the dark well of incubation in the bubbling, inner cauldron, arises the pure liquid light of recognition and insight to my own being.  It has come suddenly, yet emerges cautiously, one precious moment at a time.

Recognition of Self had emerged on that evening under the shelter of the stars. What I heard speaking, was the heart, the true conscience of the soul, the mirror reflecting once again all the beauty and goodness that lay dormant within.   In the midst of these feelings and these reflections lay a great safety and a great honesty.

Immediately, I, the heart of the soul, pondered: how long would the enimty with ‘x’ hold out and take its toll?  Understanding in an instant the karmic bondage I had created, I found the love and the courage to invite this soul into connection, once again.

More honest questions came to the surface:  How can I resonate authentically with other powerful women of voice, as well as with this authentic voice within?

Go deeper” said the wind, rustling through the night.  My inner sense of hearing opened deeply, as I, the soul, eagerly awaited the wind’s full message.

Give some time to your Self, every day.  Speak through silence to all those who cannot be reached by words. Share energy and resonance with those who long to be filled.  Listen to the voices that ring out their song, knowing to be heard is their birthright.  Allow sleep to repair the fabric of your heart and clean away the rusted fragments left by inner turmoil! (This was written in the days before I learned to meditate!)

Before Council, I felt stale, bored, as if I had been living out a cookie cutter existence, feeling controlled by the limitations of a fine toothed comb.  More than just a change of perspective, I the Soul recognized the need for Total Awareness and Total Attention in order to let go of the uneasiness of tension that had been taking its toll for too long.  For time is precious and must not slip away in such a hypnotic, controlled state of being.  Ahhh-at last, a message from the soul was getting through:

Come into a total coherence of love…discount no one…not another, nor yourself. Let visions and dreams come out into the light of day.  Open a portal to tomorrow, from here to eternity is a total guarantee.  Spin the cycle, knowing the essence of tomorrow’s sunrise today!

Yes, the cycle of self-realization was emerging.

Make it happen through the transparency of the Self’s own wishes, your aim and objective, crafting your today, here and now, to insure your tomorrow.

This ‘council’ of souls still nourishes each other, til today, with their powerful ponderings on what it means to be alive. As for me, nowadays,  council is  within, with the Constant Friend and Divine Companion, with  journals, and even with this keyboard which offers such intimacy with its black and white keys, allowing me to write swiftly as the wind carries the words of the soul’s wise intellect to the surface of consciousness.

Fortunately, destiny would have it no other way and now  I, the living soul, despite the obstacles imposed by the illusions and vices of Maya and her subtle, and not so subtle distractions, despite the storms of delusion, despite  the chaos and nonsense of what much of the 3-D world has to offer, I, the Soul recognize and have respect for the Self.

Fast forwarding to RIGHT NOW~ I recognize the sweetest of concerns is to know and fulfill  the aim and objective of this most precious of times, in this most precious of lives.  Talking with myself, I ask: what does “full effort” look like, feel like, right now?

What actions and thoughts will allow for the fullest expression of Love, Peace, and Truth to come about on a constant basis?  This form of checking of the self is a daily guide which keeps my ultimate destination in sight.

But back to the piece of writing, written in that journal, that emerged on that splendid night, so long ago in late August, 2009:

Hearing the call of the voice of the heart, making its music through the stars, a precious memory of my own magical, magnificence previously merged within the passage of time is now energized!  What a wonder!  What a blessing!

Almost sleeping now, this is the stuff of wakeful dreaming, watching my own transparency, touched by a jewel drop of color upon my brow, I am glistening in the rain (of knowledge) of yesterday, today, and tomorrow…the beginning, the middle, and the end…

Playing between time, in that place in the heart which  knows all parts of the Self…knows the whole cycle of time.  It is the place which embraces the fragrance of the petals of an ever blooming rose as well as the thorns by which it is has often been pricked.

Silent is this knowing.  

Such joy lies behind these eyes…such wonderment!