Following the Light of the Sun~ We leave the Old World Behind and Create the New One

“Imbibe this very well and share with others. Wherever you came from, you were pure.” At present no one is pure. With that said, what are the most important questions to ask yourself in life?

Why am I doing this…Am I doing this with love…If not, why?

If we ask ourselves these questions, we are able to check our own blind spots. Best to check the self now when there is the great opportunity to respond and change rather than at the end of life when there can only be regretful reflections and the response of sorrow!!

So fall in love with your own efforts to be the highest version of yourself. You can not be alert to transforming without love…or else your movements become mechanical. Results are important to note; you must not just be treading uphill. However, some results are very subtle to grasp.

How to cultivate this landscape of love which is the essence of every soul? How will I know that I am fully worthy of God’s Love? Let me accept this great challenge to accept my own worthiness and to know and feel love from the Supreme, who truly affirms again and again ~ you are my child, I am yours, and You Are Loved. Keep yourself open to allow God to love you and allow your heart to feel it. Accepting this Divine love, I receive an enormous power that gives me the power to transform. Along with Godly Love is the importance of love and compassion for my Self.

Be in Love with the Self. For ‘observing the self’ and ‘love for the self ‘ go together. Don’t ignore that you are a unique and special soul. Rather, consider yourself to be a soul (not the body you are inhabiting). Dive deep into the qualities of the soul and the treasures that lie within, especially the original treasures of peace and love.

The more I’m connected with my Self and experience the truth that I am a soul, the less I need or take from anyone else, especially in the form of their praise and acknowledgement or their rejection or defamation. For this, I the soul, need a lot of silence to see the game of the ego and to discern what I am not, from what I truly am. It takes a lot of courage to own our own greatness. We have to stop processing and start practicing the kind of awareness which leads us to the goal of self-realization. See your journey as a wonderful and interesting game. The game of emerging your original and eternal nature of love will take you beyond the unsustainable emotionality that has come from adopting the norms and standards of a world that is sadly on a path of destruction.

Play the game of love to create win-win scenes of a new norm, a new standard that discerns what is temporary, limited, and illusory from that which is real, eternal and unlimited.

Life, itself, and the scenes of life will give you a lot of signals. For example~ any form of discomfort in the self means something needs to be put right. Discomfort shows you what is calling out to be transformed (loved) in any moment.

Ask yourself, what methods do I have to keep me connected to my Higher Self, the soul who is eternally and originally a being of peace and love and to the signals of Life?

For many of us, journaling is the practice of choice, that helps to keep us deep within myself, that provides the time to be inward facing, i.e. introverted enough to catch myself in order to keep myself within the garden of flowers , the new consciousness which is establishing a world of happiness before my emotions go astray and take me off into the forest of thorns (the old, present condition of the world, which is on a course of self-destruct) in order to make room for the new!!!

There are many creative self-triggers that can be used to keep your awareness high and your vibration loving, happy, and peaceful. For starters, pay attention not to be influenced by negative atmospheres from the outer world. For this, some use doors as triggers…any door that you go through can be a signal to stay alert to carry across that threshold a strong sense of who you are as a loving, peaceful soul, immune to the vibrations that are causing others to be immersed in forms of negativity and sorrow. Instead carry your light of awareness with you, as you walk, consciously, through each door. Remember this is a game of consciousness, stay light, play to win and help others win too. The new world we are creating is full of happy, loving souls who are currently trapped in this old world and often do not even realize it; they, too, can only thrive in the light of love!

Another method for remaining self-aware or soul-conscious, is to check and see what are the EXTRAS I’m carrying around in my head? Extras = baggage that weighs me down and takes me away from the awareness of my loving, peaceful self. Extras = reacting rather than responding, saying too much, thinking too much, being opinionated, being influenced by past experiences, associations, and memories.

Remember when you clear the past, you create the future! Again, think “game”~ this is a game of retraining the mind. Stay loving, be peaceful.

Many of us, try to create an external comfort zone and surround ourselves with only things we can manage easily. This is very limiting and actually a form of laziness. When we try to live out of our own comforts, we are living according to the games that the ego likes to play-our spiritual love is then comprised; we become careless and lose our alignment with truth.

What to do? This is a game of expanding our consciousness of true love and true peace. So we go deeper into our own spirituality, our inner sanctuary of peace. This is called living from the inside out, rather than the outside in. When I’m truly comfortable on the inside, I make peace with everything. Situations become more co-operative and true love and contentment can arise.

For this to become my stable state of consciousness, I must develop great familiarity with my inner world, my inner spirituality, my inner resources of peace and love. For this, I must turn to the Source when my own resources seem to be running low.

For this purpose, the Benevolent Source is always available. Many souls have found that through a simple and profound practice of meditation called Raja Yoga or Remembrance, they can fill up with Universal Love and Light and Peace and be a powerful influencer in their own families, workplaces, and communities. As one remembers this Light and follows it constantly, one becomes not only a transformer of the self, but a transformer of the world.

This is a practice freely shared with all. It is truly user-friendly. To learn more, checkout:


Purpose of this Meditation:  To stabilize the mind in remembrance of the self as a soul…I am a soul acting through this body…this is Soul Consciousness…a natural identity that takes practice to remember.  For we have been immersed in the 3rd Dimension for many lifetimes.  Now is the time to Remember once again who we truly are!

Meditation:  I, the soul, am a star-like point of perfect peace and purity.  My origin is the golden-red expanse of the soul world, a world or dimension of silence and peace.  In my original state, I am fully charged with my natural and eternal attributes of purity, beauty, love, joy, peace, wisdom, and sweetness.  When I take my first birth upon the earth, I sparkle with essence; happiness flows from within me, for this is my natural state.

Gradually as I accumulated many births on this corporeal plane of action, I become attached to the senses, to temporary objects, and to people.  This caused me to forget my original attributes.

The illusion (Maya) that existence is entirely physical dominated my consciousness.  The forces of anger, lust, greed, ego, and attachment became an accepted form of interaction. My ability to control matter is replaced with matter controlling me.  Happiness is no longer my natural state.

Through meditation and contemplation, I can regain my spiritual status and natural endowments, my birthright of peace and happiness.  I, the soul, become aware and  recharged once again to my original state.

Through the correct knowledge of who I am and consistent contemplation upon this knowledge, the mind becomes shaped through elevated, essenceful thoughts.  I become soul conscious once again!

This, my friends is the first step in the Raja Yoga course.  Soul Consciousness is vital preparation to create concentration on the Highest on High.  Without soul consciousness, the mind is drawn by the many distractions of the physical world.  I, the soul, must claim my spiritual mastery over the mind and the senses.  Then my focus is free to contemplate upon my spiritual existence and the presence and power of the Almighty in my life, as my teacher, my friend,and my divine parent.

May you become detached and extremely loving and like the lotus remain pure, despite the mud from which it grows.

Many Blessings,


Pure and Free as a Lotus