I am a child of GodYour spiritual journey begins with ‘Who am I?’ and ends with ‘Who am I’?   Self-knowledge, self-reflection, and self-respect will reveal your innate power and unique role in the drama of life.

To give respect to the Self, instead of demanding respect from others has great benefits.   As  self-respect increases, the soul becomes humble and fulfilled. Being in self-respect brings respect from others easily and continually.

Renouncing the desires of I, me, and mine cools the ego down.  Work on the ego allows one to experience progress in meditation and other spiritual work.  Controlling negative and useless thoughts about yourself and others is easier when you think elevated and positive thoughts about the Self.  This is the opposite of arrogance; this has to do with acknowledging the True Self.

Self-respect dispels consciousness of the self as a limited, temporary body.  Self-respect is the foundation for the state of soul-consciousness.  Each and every thought of respect  about our true and eternal nature creates energy.   Likewise wasteful thoughts reduce power and vitality.

Start by creating a list of respectful  thoughts you have for your Self.  Thoughts such as these will build inner stability as you face adverse situations.  They will keep you in a good stage of soul-consciousness and in the company of the Highest on High who wishes only the best for you.

Here is a starter list to get you moving in the right direction.

  1.   I am a great soul.  It is true that I’m great.  Feel it and accept it with deep     realization.
  2.  I am a destroyer of obstacles.  My Divine Parent is always with me.  I am under the Canopy of Protection.  I destroy obstacles for myself and others.
  3.  My original and eternal state is of  sovereignty of the soul over the mind and body.
  4.  I am a pure soul and “so and so” is also a pure soul.
  5.  My true nature is of peace.  When I am connected to peace, I give peace to all souls through the freedom of my mind.
  6. On the basis of self-respect, I charge up the atmosphere around me, including my home, my meditation area, and wherever I am present in the world.
  7. I am a powerful soul, unlimited and blissful.
  8. I am a beloved child of God.

Give yourself the gift of Self-Respect every day.  It is especially powerful, during the first ten minutes of your day to reflect on one of these points.  This practice can be repeated for the last ten minutes of your day before sleeping.  Also imbibe a powerful point of self-respect while eating and drinking.  Work this practice into the things you do everyday for the sustenance of your body.  You will be also sustaining the energy of your soul.

You are a blessed soul.  Blessed by spiritual knowledge, blessed by the Divine Director of this play, and blessed by every positive thought you choose.  Choose well, live well, and progress.









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