Nightly Rituals for Lightening Up

Light at NightIf you have discovered that your life has a spiritual aim and objective-Congratulations!  You can develop a sense of progress and satisfaction by coming back to your goal often during the day to see how your thoughts, words, and deeds line up with your spritual goals!

For example, the Dali Lama says that “kindness is his religion”.  Your aim or goal may start out as simple as that.

At the end of the day –  check inside and see how this day added to or detracted from your feeling of wellness.  Shakespeare said in one of his great plays: “All’s Well that Ends Well”.

Ask yourself, did this day add to my account of joy or did it add to my account of sorrow? Use this end of the day reflection as a barometer to gauge what adjustments you could make to create more joy than sorrow!

To be successful at this, you must be willing to see yourself.

Ask yourself, am I willing to look at my face in the mirror of my heart?

If you are hestiant about looking at yourself…ask yourself another question: would I rather listen to my conscience/heart or to the ego?

Granted, it isn’t always easy to look at ourselves.  It’s much easier to see the faults of others, isn’t it?  Practically speaking, there’s not much chance that you can change anyone else. So you may as well love yourself enough to make the changes in you that will bring joy and contentment.

When you have mercy and love for yourself, it makes it okay to see what mistakes are going on and to share it with the Divine Parent, the One who can truly  help you.  The Divine Parent loves an honest heart and will shower you with Divine Love as you open up each night. This kind of love makes the impossible possible.

So don’t Edge God Out (ego)!

Talk to yourself sweetly:  assure yourself that “I believe in Love and I believe I can change”.  Then you can do what is good for the soul.   Be willing to let the ego die and do what’s good for the soul!

Doing what is good for the soul can feel like a blow to the ego.

Be the witness!  Real power is activated when we witness ourselves as we act through the body, ie. being the observer and the doer at the same time.  As we create this habit of awareness, self-checking becomes automatic and natural.

Self-checking is instrumental in the process of remembering that we are souls.

A soul’s ultimate aim will take different forms for different souls.

Yet, settling one’s karmic debt and becoming aware of not creating more negative karma  is the way to go for all souls.  Then it becomes possible to accumulate positive karma.

A simple nightly ritual to help you with the aim of settling your account of karma is to have the determined thought to let go of a weakness that you are aware of and to replace it with a virtue. This ritual can help turn the negative behavior around. For example, if you wish to let go of arrogance and its offshoots, a virtue to replace it with could be sweetness, cooperation, or humility.

Contemplate how it feels to act sweetly, cooperatively, or humbly. Enjoy this contemplation.  Anchor in to the feeling.

Another end of the day reflection is to recognize the judgments or criticisms I imposed upon myself and/or others today .  Also check to see what judgments or criticisms were inflicted upon you by others.   Bathe it all away and have pure feelings of  compassion for yourself and others.

A powerful mantra is: I am a pure soul and So-and-so (the soul that disturbed you) is also a pure soul.  Repeat it as many times as needed til it feels real and true and your negative thoughts/feelings have been washed away.

Each night, you may wish to take up a different theme. Try letting go of any unsatisfying desires and replace them with pure contentment imbibed from the Ocean of Contentment.  This is not as difficult as you may think, for when you are immersed in the awareness of the soul as a being of light… you can receive all the love and peace you wish from the Supreme Being of Light.

To receive Divine Love and Peace, let go of the limited self and all its drama;  turn your attention within. Start out with something in yourself that you are really tired of, that you really wish to release.  It could be anger, bossiness, or the need to be right.  Surrender it to the One above, who will not judge you, but will lovingly burn up the surrendered behavior and give you the strength to imbibe the opposite quality or virtue.

You can replace anger with peace and understanding, bossiness with patience, or the need to be right with the preference to be light!

Remember all of these rituals are about lightening up and feeling good, not about chastising yourself and feeling guilty.

Let your nightly reflections move you in the direction of lightness, love,  and well-being.

You will begin to look forward to checking and changing and to the wonder  of connecting with the Supreme Being, the Purifier, every night.


Golden Sunset


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