How to Use Your Subtle Power

exotic flowerThere are 2 subtle powers within every human soul which are the basis of the secret to success in life.  It is on the basis of these two powers that your life either moves forward or not. These 2 subtle powers cannot be measured by material instruments for they are powers that exist within the invisible, spiritual dimension of the soul.  These 2 powers are known as our mind and our intellect.

In this article, we’ll take a deep look at the present condition of both the mind and the intellect, what their respective functions are, how they differ, and how they can work closely together to create self-sovereignty.

Let’s take up the subject of the mind first. I’m sure you’ve experienced that quite often when you sit down to relax and enjoy some ‘peace of mind’, the mind is often not co-operative.  The reason for this is that the mind’s m.o. is to continuously create thoughts. The mind’s job description is just that: to generate thoughts. Fair enough, however, nowhere in this job description is there a mention of quality control or quantity control.

Several years ago, scientists reported that on average, the human mind was generating 30,000 thoughts a day, many of which are the same every day! Today that has increased to 70,000 thoughts a day.  This more than doubling effect is due to the fact that the speed of life is increasing and the amount of information there is to process has also increased and continues to increase.

In a relaxed mind there are approximately 25 thoughts per minute; when the mind is anxious this can increase to 50 to 60 thoughts per minute.  This speed of thoughts causes the mind and the body to weaken.

It is the weakness of the mind that creates problems… for truly, only a powerful mind can create solutions.

The mind is where you get your active energy.  Therefore, you need to focus on accumulating power in the mind by creating pure, positive, and powerful thoughts.  The impact of this type of thought power has not been fully understood, even though psychology alludes to the power of positive thinking. As you experiment for yourself and come into the realization of the power of pure and positive thoughts for yourself and others, you will see how even one pure and powerful thought can perform great wonders. Simply back up your thought with determination and watch how determination creates success.  Create such a boundary of pure thoughts for everyone that, even if someone is a little weak, this boundary will become like a canopy of protection for that soul; it will become a means of safety or a fortress.  To create a powerful atmosphere through the spiritual vibrations of your thoughts is a very elevated form of service or karma yoga.

When you think negatively, your mind is weakened and continues to lose power.  Even the body is affected and gets tired and even ill.  Most of us have experienced that if we become angry, the mind becomes extremely tired and the power of concentration is lost.  These are the pitfalls of a mind creating too many low quality thoughts.

This is also the result of the mind trying to operate in a vacuum without holding the hand of another aspect of the soul called the intellect.  The part of the soul called the intellect is the part of you that has the wisdom to discern and then guide the mind to which thoughts to contemplate, which to act on, and which thoughts to let go of. The intellect is the mind’s quality control response.  The intellect is able to discriminate between the real truth and the apparent truth, between things of temporary value and those of eternal value, and between the superficial and the subtle. 

Falsehood often comes disguised as truth to test your level of progress.

Fast forward to today,  reflect upon the discriminating power and overall condition of the intellect of most souls. You will begin to understand how the intellect’s still, small voice has been ignored by the mind, for quite some time causing the  intellect  to withdraw, take a back seat, and leave the mind to its own devices.

Fact of life, most minds have been left without access to the wisdom and discernment power contained within the intellect.  Once this is recognized, you can begin remedying the situation.

A healthy, strong intellect is meant to guide, direct, and nourish the mind with elevated true thoughts. Since the wisdom of the intellect has been accumulated through experience and experimentation it adds great value to the mind, which lacks true discernment. Quite often, the wisdom of the intellect has come purely as a divine gift.  The relationship between the two is like a mother to a child.  The wise intellect can heal the mind of obsessive compulsive thoughts, recurring negative thoughts, and untrue, unruly, and excessive thinking.  Therefore, it is very important to restore and strengthen the valuable connection between the mind and the intellect.

Meditation done with the awareness of the intellect’s ability to guide the mind is a way to heal this relationship between the mind and the intellect.

Science, psychologists and doctors, for the most part, have not been able to differentiate between the mind and intellect.  As you become more spiritually aware of yourself as a soul living in the body, the brain can be seen as a physical mechanism, like a computer, which the mind and intellect operate.  As you energize and empower your mind and intellect, they will in turn strengthen and reenergize your brain.  This will increase your overall power of concentration and well-being.

Raja Yoga meditation is a powerful, effective, and ancient method  which helps to slow down thoughts from a whopping 50 a minute to a manageable 10 a minute.  What many people who attempt to use meditation for stress reduction don’t realize is that it is not necessary to try to stop thinking; however, it is important for the intellect to select and feed the mind elevating,  truthful, and eternal thoughts!

Through Raja Yoga Meditation, not only is the mind controlled, but the intellect is developed and elevated.  As the intellect is used to assess thoughts, your faculty to understand deepens.   This is like nectar to the soul, for the soul ‘s m.o. is to have deep understanding and awareness.

As the soul awakens, it comes to realize that it is up to I, the soul, to direct and discipline the mind.  The moment the soul’s  intellect realizes it has power, that I am not the body, but a  non-physical eternal being of light and a focus of powerful energy, within the body, then I, the soul, am to activate that power. I now become very selective.

In this position of sovereignty over the physical senses and desires of the body, I am able to choose only those thoughts that will lead me to experience permanent happiness and contentment, instead of resorting to fleeting fixes. Now I know that it is possible to allow only pure thoughts to pass into action.  Through awareness and practice, I am able to reach a state in which my every thought is peaceful and deliberate, rather than tense and anxious.

With my intellect awake, and each thought being evaluated before mistakes occur, I am able to achieve actual changes in my life that were impossible before.

During deep Raja Yoga meditation, the mind is soothed, slowed down, and nourished with truth.  This increases the strength and accuracy of the mind.  As your thoughts slow down, and you contemplate upon inner  peace, you will come to the wonderful realization that your natural and original state is peaceful.

You don’t always have to sit for Raja Yoga Meditation.  You can also be practice keeping your mind peaceful while moving around. You will come to know a natural state of peace in action. You can experiment with this by feeding the mind peaceful thoughts while going through the activities of your day.

Start with your very first thoughts in the morning.  Feed wise, true thoughts from your intellect to your mind, such as I am a peaceful soul, I am a beloved child of God.  This can slow down the speed of your thinking.  Continue to emerge these wise and beautiful thoughts at least 5 times throughout the day.  The ‘storms of ordinary, negative, and debilitating thoughts’ in the mind will dissipate and eventually finish. Instead, you will feel overflowing love and stability begin to heal your body and mind, as well as your relationships.

Here is an example of a stream of thoughts to focus your mind and intellect upon.  With your awareness at the mid-point between the eyebrows, the seat of the soul within the body,  remind yourself who you are:

I am a sparkling point of light, like a star…I am peaceful…I accept this thoughtEa… for peace is my true nature…through me the vibrations of peace are spreading out…I radiate peace all around me…

I am a loving soul…I am filled with a lot of love…I am a pure being…a child of God…My Supreme Father is the Ocean of Love…He is the Bestower of Happiness and showering me with Divine Love…

My Father is the Ocean of Peace…I am the child of the Ocean of Peace, I am being filled with Peace …my life is a gift from God.. I am emerging happiness and bliss.  I am a child of God.  God is mine…I belong to God…and God belongs to me…

Knowing that you are an unlimited soul makes all the difference in how you think, act, speak, and feel.  It becomes easy to be naturally happy and content every day.

This is a major paradigm shift…the shift that transforms life,  your life and the lives of others.  This is the paradigm shift that transforms our world.

Remember you are a soul whose natural state is one of peace.  You are a peaceful soul.

Easy Raja Yoga Meditation gets you back in touch with your inner state of peace and your inner power.

Om Shantiexotic flower

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