Trick Question: Can You See Your Own Blind Spot?

Trick Question: Can You See Your Own Blind Spot?.

Victory is…

Victory is when the Soul has its way of purity, power, purpose, and progress through the body. I am pure power and purpose today. What I think about doing will be done!

{ comment made while on retreat at the Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University, Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India on October 26,2012}

Worthy of rereading and noting as a pure plan for each day!

Aloha to our Dearly Beloved Friends and Connections~

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Power is one's ability to choose one's thoughts and life pathDo you wish to truly find ways to get in touch with the grace and power of knowing the Self, without spending oodles of dollars?

If you do, we have a website called that has been set up for just that purpose, the purpose of growing into soul-consciousness and outgrowing the default consciousness of the body.

What are the perks for being soul consciousness… for learning about who you truly are?

For one, you will be much less ego-driven and less limited by placating and satisfying the ever demanding needs of the body. What this translates into is freedom and a true sense of peace.

Tune in to the new weekly postings of videos, interviews, inspired writings, and audios geared towards helping you to make the most precious use of your time in this journey of remembering who you are.

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Socrates’ Only Prayer

Consider yourself a Soul and Remember the One, who is the Source of All Light and Love.


Back in the day, someone asked Socrates where he would like to go. Socrates replied that he didn’t know for sure if there was a heaven or a hell and so he couldn’t  choose between them.

What he reflected upon was this, stating that it was his only prayer: “Allow me to be alert wherever I am; for then whether I am in heaven or hell, it would be irrelevant; for when I am fully alert, hell disappears”.

Hell is the state of not being aware.

Hence, if one is fully aware, heaven appears.

Heaven is the state of being fully aware.

Such is the power of the mind, of thoughts, of inner states of being. A simple story with great implication.

May you always stay alert and ready to be in heaven. Keep the switch of awareness on.

Be where you want to be, by choosing carefully to stay…

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A Message to Myself and the World



As I sit here thinking of you, the reader,  I recognize that it has taken years of churning my own dilemmas to get to this point of knowing , beyond the twin shadows of doubt and delusion, that I truly have something to say that’s worth the time it takes to write and the time it takes you to read it.

For many a year, the internal dialogue was: sure I can write, but what is worth writing about???  That hurdle was bridged as I witnessed the sheer joy that clarity brings when I’ve shared with others.

The second hurdle was: WHO will LISTEN from the INSIDE???

Seven years ago, I heard the answer, from the inside!

“Many will listen.  Multitudes will hear, resonate, and find their own goodness and spiritual power through your courage and vulnerability . Souls with their own unspoken messages banging on the door of their…

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What an incredible evening it was last night as seventy-five souls gathered on Kauai for the purpose of BEING WITH ONE. We were accompanied by the celestial sounds of harp, sitar, angelic vocals, and crystal bowls, as we were guided back to our original home beyond this earth, to a place one can only go after letting go of the body and traveling as a soul, a being of light. We were guided by a gentle, loving voice that encouraged us souls to fly like birds through the stars, past the physical sun and moon of this world to enter a beautiful golden red dimension where we basked in the Love of the ONE~ Our next blissful events are held every Sunday in Kilauea from 6:30pm to 7:30 pm.

Call Shivalaya @ 639-9436 for directions as we take the journey Home and share the Light and Love we find there with our brothers and sisters and the earth.

Journal Entry on Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Last night, Jesse called!  He had just written a beautiful poem to me, for me, about me, his mama.  How moving, I cherish this renewal of our relationship in every cell of my being.

Now, deep purification.   Back heavy, behind the lungs, stiff.  Laid on Ke’e Beach for two hours.  No momentum or ambition to walk up to the Heiau. Prayed from down below for balance for all couples, individuals, and nature.

Tired, why so tired???  Cleansing the cells from the toil of forgetfulness, of forgetting the Source, forgetting who I am, and who I belong to.   

The Source of love, light, joy, and bliss is ONE…never to be forgotten~ THIS IS TRUE HEALING POWER. Remember the Source of truth, completeness, and know unshakable happiness. 

Soulful Pic from treehouse Remember this One with each holy breath.

Take time for remembrance of the Source that nourishes you, strengthens you, makes you whole, keeps your back straight.

Journal Entry : March 20, 2007 SPRING SOLSTICE!!! Update to December 2, 2017

Screened in LanaiJournal Entry, Tuesday, March 20, 2007 ~ Spring Solstice

Yesterday I took myself on an “Artist’s Date” to the Tin Man Bookstore and bought a book called Saints and the Enlightened.  Light from another dimension!

While giving Divine Light to a dear friend, her guides, whom she calls “the teachers” opened her eyes to gaze at my chest area.  They said ” purify in order to ascend”. Indeed~ powerful message, here!

Journal Entry, Wednesday, March 21, 2007

As I gave Divine Light last night, I was imagining creating a “screened in lanai “off of my bedroom. I wondered who would help me create this indoor-outdoor space? Little did I know that  I had not met the wonderful souls yet, who would help bring this dream into manifestation.

Seven years later,  this dream is a reality.   I am  in a different home, in a different spiritual state, and on a different part of the island.   This lanai  is my sweet sleeping, writing, and musing quarters.

Reading this old journal entry,  I’m amazed!  I had completely forgotten about the screened-in lanai vision, had completely let go of it.  But the vision was still there,  merged within as a potential within the recesses of the soul, until now.

Now it lives in this dimension too!!!  WAH Sweet Drama WAH!!!


December 2, 2017

Ten years later, another spot on the island, another wonderful lanai, overlooking another bluff which offers the sights and sounds of the Kilauea river.  This is where I sleep and study and write and meditate.  Thank you blessed drama for arranging the details of this journey, every step of the way!  I am so grateful.


Before the Mind Erases the traces of its own tracks upon the shores of time…

Journal Entry:March 16, 2007~Night before Spring Break

Yes, I have been vacating a lot…in order to see what is going on behind the scenes of life.  {Note from the future~this was  before the days of meditation} Learning to accept, accommodate, and welcome “feedback” to grow on.


Right now, look into the touchstone of your crystalline heart space of billowing light reflected and refracted by the multitude of relationships you have with your many students.  Strong…powerful… intensity grows by daring to dive into the place reflected through others.  Much of what you have received lately is encouraging…going forward into deeper self-respect and inner knowing of who you are.  Deeper kindness and compassion transpires…creating less judgment, more thoughtful appreciation of students! Like the Creator, who never judges Her Creation, but loves it into perfection!

I wish to know myself well and to know others.  I wish to write to nourish myself and others.  Write of what???  Of my travels in consciousness!  Who would listen??? 

I’m listening to myself, before the mind erases the traces of its own tracks upon the shores of time.

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Awesome Tree House

Awesome Tree House

Sweet Memories

I call the little 2 bedroom flat I live in a “tree house” because I’m on the second floor up in the trees. There is something special about having a tree as a neighbor. I remember my son, as a 10 year old climbing into the bough of a great mother tree. She spoke with him and gave him counsel and sustenance.

Trees never lie, compete with you, or with each other.  They never speak behind your back. As a matter of fact, trees have your back. No wonder when it comes to the history of human beings on earth, our story is often portrayed as a “Tree of Life”.

This morning I am breathing in the life-giving essence of my friends, the trees.