To Live in the Breath of God


I do not seek to know what the ancients knew
I seek to know their Source.
Tell me how to live today in
This Breath of God

(Scribbled in my journal in the Summer of’07)

This is what I called “Lost and Found Poetry”. While looking for something else~ which I did’t find…I found something even better. However I am making an effort to become more organized with my writing giving it greater precedence in this life and more presence, so as to be able to share it with more and more souls who may enjoy and benefit from it. Starting out short…and sweet…growing it into something very complete~

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Healing the Heart ~ Receiving Divine Love~Importance of Honesty~


I am very taken by Dadi Janki’s words of wisdom.

I know I am not alone in this unabashed feeling of gratitude.

To quote another admirer:” …this woman is as deep , wise, and egoless as it gets.

She adheres to no formal religion, dogma, or sect.  Merely teaches you a method to open the heart

and detach the mind-which to me is what true spirituality is about”.

Ruby Wax

With that heartfelt introduction to Dadi Janki, I begin this piece which quotes what she says about LOVE.

Love is connected to virtues.  Virtues create love both within the self and within others.

When virtues reduce, the quality of love also reduces.

When all virtues are present, there is complete and pure love.

Out of all the virtues, the main one is honesty.  If we feel someone is not being honest with us,

our love breaks.

Whether it’s our mother…

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Honesty and Success: More on the Importance of Honesty

If you were to ask Dadi Janki who at the age of 101 is a wisdom keeper of our times and present Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University on Mt. Abu in Rajasthan from where did you acquire the most wisdom, she could give you a very clear answer! You might ask [...]

7 Spiritual Questions to Turn Your Life Around!

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Silence is Golden

 As a new feature to commemorate Dadi Janki's 99th year of life, each week there will be a beautiful and accessible jewel of wisdom to imbibe.  These are jewels you will certainly wish to keep in the sacred treasure chest of your heart, for safekeeping, that they may become touchstones for you in times of [...]