Creating with Soul Power

Doing what you do “with love” is the only way to accumulate sprititual power and merit.  If you are moving from guilt, obligation, or force, you will not receive the results you are seeking.

As you choose to build up the spiritual aspect of your nature~do it with Love.  The love of knowing that everyday you have committed time to do something that will be yours for eternity.  You are adding to your account of consciousness.  Keep this appointment with yourself.  This teaches kindness and respect to the self and strengthens your determination to overcome distractions, carelessness, and laziness.

Start your day right, by carving out some morning time that is dedicated to You.   Make it spiritually significant to you.  Then it will be easier throughout the day to enjoy moments when you connect in  with your Self again.  Being able to quickly recognize that you are a soul, by affirming this truth through a simple statement such as: “I am a peaceful soul” as you sip water throughout the day, empowers every cell in the water, as well as every cell in your body.  Choose a simple statement that resonates deeply~choose a statement that is most likely to ignite your light! Starting with peace is a powerful step.

Even the most basic practice, repeated consistently, can bring enormous benefit.  You may also add to this by saying I am a peaceful soul 10 to 20 times as you cook,  do your laundry,  as you are driving or as you go about your work day.

As you walk to your car or to the bus, continue to affirm to yourself…I am a peaceful soul.  This small step qualifies you to enter a wonderful spiritual doorway. You are entering into your true reality, that of a spiritual being of light.

You may feel that it is not easy to live in this world and to be spiritual. Granted there are definitely forces at foot to pull us down.  An easy method to lift yourself time and time again and to fuel your consciousness is to have easy access to thoughts which make your soul smile, which refresh and restore your stamina.  Thoughts, which as soon as you think them, give you a spiritual rush and transport you from ordinary consciousness to a higher state of awareness.  It does take effort to redirect thoughts.  The choice is yours, would you rather have thoughts that elevate you or thoughts that limit you, keep you stuck, or even depress you?  As we understand on deeper and deeper levels, that thought creates reality, this practice takes on more meaning and importance.

Take the thought that “I am a powerful soul, full of spiritual power”.  Yes, I am a powerful soul despite any weaknesses that I have acquired over time.  The reality of my original state of being is that I am a powerful soul. Allow yourself to accept this thought. Allow the feelings behind the thought to come into your experience of yourself; this will happen as you contemplate on the spiritual truth of the thought. “Yes, I am a powerful soul, I feel my spiritual well-being rising.”  Such contemplations  guide us into positive experiences of power.

“As you palpably feel the fullness of your spiritual energy, that experience is imprinted in your subconscious mind. It becomes a new reality that you can access.  Over time, with regular reinforcement, this subconscious imprint will begin to impact the activity of your conscious mind and   I am a powerful soul will color your attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs…i.e. this reality will become first nature to you.”   from: De Carteret, Soul Power p.71

Look in Wonder~Beyond Ego

Featured Image -- 6124“People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast expanse of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering.” St. Augustine

Are you willing to see yourself?  Are you willing to know who you really are?

Can you look at your face in the mirror of your heart?

Do you listen to your conscience? Or does the ego, the belief in a false self, rule?

Embrace courage and take the first step.  You will be met a hundred fold and then a thousand fold by the Highest on High who is waiting for each soul to take this important step.

To look inward isn’t always easy, perhaps only because it hasn’t become a habit. It means you must love your Self more, have mercy on your Self as if you were a child, and allow your Self to be supported by the Highest on High to make the changes to free the Self from the ego’s control.

Have you heard the expression: Edging God Out?  The belief system of the conditioned ego is:  I’m all alone in a big world and I must protect myself at all costs to survive.

Remember, you are not your ego.  You are a soul.  A soul contains love.  Become an embodiment of love.  Make this The Year of Love!

With Love of the Divine anything is possible.

Where there is the Beloved’s Love, the impossible becomes possible.

I believe in Love.  I believe in doing what is good for the soul.  I believe in the power in the soul.  I know that changing yourself is the way to change your destiny.

Be willing to let the ego die and do what’s good for the soul!  Doing what is good for the soul is often a direct blow to the ego.

Let your joy rise to the surface and let go of all things in the way.

The Magic arises when the soul awakens from its long slumber to become the detached and loving witness.  As you act through the body, become the observer and the doer at the same time.

At the end of your day, have the determined thought to let go of a weakness that caused pain or distress, before sleeping;  replace it by tuning into a virtue that can fill in the space where the weakness was.  Receive the virtuous quality by connecting with the Divine Source of All Goodness.  (see Guided Meditations at the end of this article to help you in this process)

Here are some examples of what to surrender and what to replace it with to feel lighter : let go of arrogance and the feeling that you have to be right and replace it with humility.

Before sleeping, come to terms with the  judgments you have passed upon yourself and others. Then let go of  the judgments passed upon you.  The virtue of forgiveness from the Mother Father of all souls can be visualized and felt coming into the soul like streams of cleansing sun light, washing away criticism, anger, sadness, and pain, replacing them with the balm and healing power of forgiveness.

Let go of bossiness and control by visualizing and feeling the patience of the Supreme Mother.

To become a spiritually powerful soul make this practice of replacing weak, negative thoughts and feelings with powerful thoughts a habit. Fall asleep in peace each night.  Grow strong in mercy for yourself and others.

We are unlearning the ways of the ego and replacing them with the ways of the heart and soul.  This takes time and practice.  Some are ahead and some still have a ways to go.  Don’t judge yourself or another.

amazing roseKeep  encouragement alive in yourself and others.

Thank you for the work you are doing to free your Self!

Here are some helpful guided meditations to listen to before bed.

youtube/Anthony Strano Meditations:linkoflife

Steps to Create a Powerful and Peaceful Meditation Experience~~

The time that we choose to be aware is not only available when we sit; it can happen whenever we choose to be present, even as we walk, talk, and move around.

Having said that, carving out space and time for a deep meditation experience can require some decisions to be made about “where and when”.  So choose your spot wisely and then decide which time serves you best.   Will you begin your day with deep reflection of yourself as an immortal soul and move into bliss or will you choose to end the day with peaceful reflection. Will you plan to take a ten or fifteen break in the middle of your busy workday to remember you are a being of peace and love.  There are many places you could choose,  it could be a serene outdoor setting, embraced by nature,  or a favorite chair or pillow in quiet corner that you have reserved for the special energetics of meditation.  Be creative.  Choose your timetable and be regular about it. This will serve you well.

Begin by letting go of any concerns or worries, surrender them up, knowing they will be resolved, expand your feelings of faith and trust.  Let go of bodily concerns by focusing your breath in deep inhalations that sweep through your body, and glorious exhalations that allowing your material awareness to release and fade out with each breath.

To slow down the mind and put the events of the day to rest, choose to focus on one or more of the following thoughts that will uplift your awareness and consciousness:

  1.  Observe the setting in which your body is resting from a far off distance in time and space.  See the present scene, as if you were sitting on a star and from the standpoint of eternity.

2.  Reflect how temporary and changing everything physical is.

3.  Visualize your mind being soothed by light pouring into                        the top of your head, bringing in the sanctity of silence                          protecting you from distraction and strengthening your                        aura, filling it with an otherwordly sense of peace and                            comfort.

4.  As you slip into a meditative space, day by day, hour by                         hour, minute by minute, you will become more masterful                     over your thoughts, as well as the senses.  You will be able to               see but not see, hear but not listen, feel but not by governed                 by feelings; it all becomes a choice.  Learning to focus and                   meditate with softly opened eyes contributes to this mastery               as you move about your day.

All of that can be called Stage 1: preparation for meditation.  In Stage 2 you will choose a theme which you enjoy, understand, and which for you has the conviction and resonance of Truth.  Take this theme and immerse your mind in it.  Introduce your theme as a powerful thought onto the screen of your mind.  Simply focus, contmeplate on the beauty, peace and upliftment that this thought brings to you, the soul.

An example of a simple, refined truth to dwell upon might be:

I, the higher being, the soul am like a sparkling star of radiant peaceful light; a guest in this world~

or:  I, the soul, am loved by the Supreme Soul, my Divine Mother/Father~

Stage 3~ Concentration~

Start out with full attention on your chosen thought for 2or 3 minutes.  If any other thoughts come to mind, ignore them, and return to your chosen thought.  Concentrating on an image is useful here to strengthen your concentration.  Images increase the depth and power of your thinking and concentration. drishti picture

Stage 4~ Allow feelings based on this thought to arise~

After 100% concentration for 2 or 3 minutes on yourself as a radiant peaceful light, you may become aware of feelings such as: feelings of calmness and comfort, feeling content, a sense of lightness, even joy…

pink and blue sun

Stage 5 ~ As you become immersed in the feelings being generated, silently take note of any other details of your experience. This can enhance your awareness of what you are feeling even more.  Some examples of this are:

 I am aware that I no longer feel alone.

Or~I feel a deep  comfort and/or contentment knowing I am eternal, imperishable.

Or~This peace is natural to me~

Stage 6~ Letting Go, Surrender

Lotus on Blue

This is a very wonderful stage since you are now basking in an extremely pleasant and familiar experience.   As all internal resistance vanishes, you feel stable in this powerful state of peace and security which nothing can interrupt, unless you choose to allow it.the soul speaks to you in quiet momentsStage 7~ While steeped in this experience, note what new awareness you have of your inner world.

An example of a new experience (based on your topic of being aware of your true identity as a soul) might be:

I, the soul actually need nothing from the outer world.  I, the soul am entirely seperate from the body, the body breathes while my awareness is elsewhere.  I, the soul am actively having an experience, while the body simply rests; etc. etc. You may even be experiencing the deliciousness of freedom, as a being of light.

Stage 8 ~ You may wish to keep a journal or chart of your mediation experiences and discoveries.

You may wish to note your favorite themes, the ones that take you deep, or the ones that you can linger at length with.

You may also enjoy noticing how a particular thought transforms into a related feeling and how that feeling brings you into another deeper thought.

Journaling or charting your experience gives you an opportunity to reflect on the part of you, which previously has not received a lot of “air time”.

This kind of practice, over time, allows you to naturally become more of who you truly are~

A peaceful, happy, eternal soul, seperate from the fluctuations of the body, yet playing out your “role” through the costume of the body.Featured Image -- 347                                                    OM SHANTI

Turn to the Light and Know You Are Light

Take time to meditate on the heart of who you are, not on the part of you that has been conditioned since the time of your birth into your present body.  Conditioning by parents, society, education, and even your friends is the invisible barrier that keeps you from knowing You, the Soul.

As more and more souls awaken to our true nature, right action will follow as naturally as night follows day.

Have faith that you are a soul and begin to experience the peace and love that belong to your true nature.

Whenever you or another soul acts without the awareness of peace or love, find mercy within your heart, keep good cheer, and know this movememt comes out of ignorance, inner pain, or fear.

The way out is the way in; for within every soul lies true love and true law.  It may be dormant or unmanifest in its fullness.

To access the treasure, turn your attention inward, take time to be alone with the Ocean of Love and Peace, Your Original Mother and Father, and come to know the treasure that is freely given, when you the soul, turn to the Light and know you are Light.

1 Primary Cause of Human Suffering & A Way to Overcome It

The “strong urge to identify with our bodies and physical attributes is one of the primary causes of human suffering.  Body consciousness places us in a transitory world, open to the fluctuating forces of nature.  At any moment, our bodies can fail us.  We can go bankrupt, our children can leave home, we can lose our jobs, looks, credibility, even our country.

Nothing is safe or predictable, except the eternal soul.

Peace comes from knowing who we are.

Lack of peace comes from believing we are just mortal beings.

Many years ago, I visited a film studio in Los Angeles.  A friend and I were sitting in the little tour train, waiting to take off.  Suddenly a burst of screaming came from the back of the train.  Turning around I saw a huge gorrila shaking the bars and gnashing his teeth.  The children screamed in terror, while their parents laughed…The adults knew there was an actor inside the gorilla’s outfit. They had nothing to fear.  They could laugh and and smile because they knew about costumes and movie sets…The adults on the train knew the difference between what was real and what was not.” (Soul Power, p.29)

However, the innocent, inexperienced children were not aware of the difference between a man in a gorilla costume and a real gorilla; therefore they were devasted.

This is a great analogy to illustrate the importance of spiritual knowledge for navigating smoothly on our journey and the ultimate importance of being able to distinguish between what is real and what is false!

Seeing ourselves as bodies that have souls  is the greatest illusion for it colors the core of what we understand as reality.

The understanding of being a soul wearing a body costume makes all the difference.

For “as a soul,you are light, bright, and eternal.  You have no age, no color, no gender, or ethnicity.  You are free from limitations.” (Soul Power,p. 28)

And one of your core expressions or  qualities is Peace.

“Consider this knowledge about soul to be like a laser beam of light.  Imagine you can use this beam of light to penetrate the layers of false identity that keeps the real you hidden from yourself.  With this light, you can illuminate your core, touch the peace within, and know with absolute certainity this is who you are.”  (Soul Power, p.29)

“As you maintain the AWARENESS of being a soul while walking, talking, and moving around, you will notice a change in the use of your energy, and a greater ability to stay focused and calm. Then instead of being worried or upset, you will be at peace, able to generate an atmosphere of peace and well-being around you.  As a peaceful soul you will be naturally drawn to God, more easily attain the peace that comes from the Divine…

A peaceful soul is at peace even when there is chaos all around.” (Soul Power, p.30)


“When you get out of bed in the morning, stop for a moment, turn your attention inward toward the center of your forehead and create this awareness: I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL.

As you jump into the car, or onto the bus or bike, say to yourself, I AM A SOUL, A PEACEFUL SOUL.

As you make a cup of coffee or tea, turn on the computer, sort through your mail, stop for a second and remember, I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL.

Before doing anything, say to yourself, I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL.” (Soul Power, p30)

Feel free to experiment with this practice and expand it as you become more experienced in maintaining soul consciousness into more and more challenging situations, such as when someone who is very distressed and angry throws “daggers” at you.  Remember I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL and your peace will be your shield and you won’t have the impulse to throw daggers back.

“Have the faith that you are a soul and body consciousness will finish.” (murli)

When it finishes, so will the hundred and one daily fears, complaints, upsets, aches, and pains finish.  You will be free, unlimited, and the best thing of all is that you will FEEL the peace.

Without peace, there is no happiness.

This takes consistent practice over a period of time to stabilize in your new, liberated view of who you are.

Come into the Light of Understanding.

Ocean of Peace Meditation

Visualize the Supreme Soul as the Ocean of Peace.  Imagine a flow of green light emanating from this One into you, the point of light, the soul. From you, the soul, this light then radiates out into the world, healing nature and all living beings.

Your own body is healed with the green vibrations of peace.

Green Light Blast

5th Spiritual Exercise~Practice Often~Have Faith You are Originally Pure~

As souls, immortal portals of Light, we begin our journey on earth as pure and perfect beings.  As a soul, our destiny is to return to our original state of purity by connecting with the Purity of the Supreme Soul, the Only Soul who does not go through the cycle of birth and death.

So visualize your Self as this perfect Star in the center of your forehead~shining brightly like the planets Venus or Jupiter. Pure vibrations are going out from every cell in your body.  Then visualize your Self leaving the body through the top of the head and going into space.  Stay in space, free, flying amongst the stars and send vibrations to all the souls everywhere.

Practice often.  This is a powerful form of service called: Mansa Seva= “service of the mind” and can be done from anywhere for any length of time.

Start with 2 minutes, then 5, then 10, build up to holding this visualization to 20 or 30 minutes a day.

Like any muscle, build gradually.  You will develop your ability to concentrate and this will serve you in many practical ways in your life.

Happy Shining!!!points of light

Beginning Spiritual Exercise to Stabilize in the Awareness of Being a Soul & To Receive from the Supreme Soul

Sitting here quietly, I visualize the Self as a point of Light that radiates like a star or a diamond from the center of my forehead.

The form of God, too, is a point of Light, residing beyond this physical universe. This One’s Light emanates as rays falling upon the earth like an unlimited ocean of blessings for all souls.

Why do most not realize they are being blessed?  Souls which are points of light must be aware to not be confused by thinking that they are matter or the vehicle they are riding in.  Then God’s Light can reach them and they can reach God’s Light.

Visualize God as an Ocean of Peace.  Imagine how these vibrations of peace are green or blue in color and are flowing from the Supreme Soul into you, the Soul and then out into the entire world.

These beautiful, divine vibrations of Peace, heal nature, all living beings, as well as your body!

Om Shanti means I am a peaceful soul~~~Never forget who you are!  Stabilize in this Awareness.

Green Light Blast


How to Exercise the Soul!

“We are fundamentally good, not fundamentally flawed, and we can trust this.”  Thank you Pema Chodron, for affirming this for all of us.  The Buddhists call the idea of a fixed identity “ego-clinging”.  The ego tries relentlessly to stand on solid ground in an ever-shifting world.  As you meditate,  notice how your awareness is liberated from old, limited patterns of thought.  Like the caterpillar which sheds its cocoon and emerges as a butterfly, the reflective soul sheds the limited “egoic self” and the thousand little opinions that have formed a “protective shell” and emerges its true, unlimited nature. As you sit quietly, ask yourself who is it that is listening, who is looking out through these eyes? Notice the internal stillness that exists within, beyond thoughts.  Do not let your little self run the show by limiting your eternal nature with thoughts that put you into a corner.  Ultimately, the soul exists beyond thought, it is, but it has been covered over by the limitations of small thinking.  Here are some thoughts that point you in the right direction…the direction of your eternal nature which Just Is.

I am Light.drishti-picture

I am a being of unlimited peace.

I am a beloved child of the Bestower of Love and Happiness.

I am a great soul.

I am a destroyer of obstacles for myself and others.

Bask in the eternal nature of who you are, become lost in love with the One who encourages the soul in its truth to be free.

Om Shanti~You are an unlimited peaceful soul, yes you!

2nd Spiritual Exercise for the Soul-Practice Daily

This is a very powerful visulization to create for yourself.

Create a vision of yourself (the point of light) being linked to God (also a point of light), and that the entire world is linked to you.  Sit in this awareness for as long as you can (10 minutes) and feel how you are an instrument for God to sustain the world with good vibrations every day.  You are sending out vibrations of peace, comfort, and love to the souls of the world, as well as the elements of nature.

This is an invaluable service to the world and can be done from anywhere to uplift souls and restore nature to its original pristine state.

Go Team!